We had some exceptional meals during our trip to South Carolina. Our favourite restaurants were Ela’s European Market & Deli in Columbia, FIG in Charleston (both of which I mentioned in my previous post), and Hominy Grill, also in Charleston.

I wish I had a place like Hominy Grill in my neighborhood back here in Singapore. But that would be pretty dangerous. Because I’d be there at least once a week, if not more often. And then I’d go from being a chubby hubby to a corpulent corpse. The food at Hominy Grill is marvelous, but it is anything but healthy.

Hominy Grill is open daily, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner on weekdays (from 730am-9pm) and brunch on Saturdays and Sundays (9am-3pm). The food is classic Southern fare, beautifully prepared with produce sourced from local farmers, fishermen and millers.

My buddy J, S, and I visited on a rainy Monday morning, getting there around 1145am. While we thought we had arrived early enough to beat the rush, we were quickly proven wrong. The room was already packed with a line of people blocking the entrance way. The hostess informed us that if we were willing to sit out in the patio, covered but still out in the rain so to speak, we’d get a table a little faster. We accepted and within 10 minutes were shown a table out back.

All of the items on the regular menu and the board of specials that we were shown looked great. But because we were going back to FIG that night (and intended to pig out there), we decided to order sensibly (that is, not do what we usually do and over-order). We started our meal with a shared plate of okra and shrimp beignets, served with salsa and cilantro-lime sour cream. I then had a deep fried pork chop sandwich while J ordered a grilled eggplant and herbed goat cheese sandwich, served with roasted red peppers and sweet red onion. S had a fried green tomato BLT. I also ordered a side of macaroni & cheese (couldn’t resist) and we all had sweet (iced) tea with our food.

The beignets were outstanding. So too was my sandwich. The pork was super tender, while the batter nice and crisp. It was smothered with a thin layer of an onion, minced meat sauce not unlike a sloppy joe filling, which gave the sandwich a nice kick. The mac & cheese was also the best I had eaten on the trip (and I ordered it pretty often). For dessert, we shared a pecan pie and a chocolate pudding (pictured at the top of the post). While both were yummy, the pecan pie was the winner.

As mentioned, I wish I had a Hominy Grill near me. I would go there for breakfast, lunch and dinner on a regular basis. Hmmmmm… maybe I can convince someone here to open a branch.

Hominy Grill
207 Ruthledge Avenue
Charleston, SC 29403
Tel: +1 843 937 0930

(Photos shot with S’s iphone, which explains the resolution.)

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3 January 2009


While you were there, did you get a chance to eat at Hyman’s? My wife and I honeymooned on the Isle of Palms 10 years ago and were instructed to go there. It was absolutely wonderful.

By the way, nice shots with the iPhone. Wish I could shoot with mine like that.

hi again! i’m really enjoying your food posts on SC. my mouth is watering:) on my last visit home, i made a trip to charleston and ate at hominy grill. i think i had the shrimp and grits. so yummy! funny enough, growing up in the south, i never ate much southern food. now that i’m away, i crave it all the time. have a safe trip back to singapore:)

tell all your friends that the london observer is doing a special feature on hong kong food on 22 feb ….its monthey food mag on sundays is excellent…….as now dont know who the writer[s] are ; but will research and let you know more….hope you can follow up with comments…and…write a special report on singapore for their future editions

Thanks for the post! Love your photos & write-up, as always. Look forward to your return to Singapore & reviewing our new restaurants back home.

I came here on a trip from Los Angeles and thought it was so obscure, but it’s exciting that you’ve been here too. I loved the shrimp and grits!

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