It’s Wednesday, which for foodies who like to plan ahead means it’s time to think about where you are going to eat this coming weekend. And while I know S and a whole lot of other friends are going to kill me for leaking this juicy little bit of information, I just can’t help myself. (I’ve never been able to keep good gossip to myself.) The fabulously cool PS Café, which was recently lauded in Time magazine, now serves brunch on Saturdays and Sundays. Further, from what I’ve been told—and I could be wrong—they are not taking reservations for this weekend, daytime service. Which means waking up dreadfully early to score a seat or patiently standing around waiting for a table.

S and I checked out the brunch last weekend. Fortunately, it looked like only a handful of regulars and friends knew about it (they only began the brunch service the previous weekend). Which meant that not only was getting a table at 11am not a problem but also that we recognized quite a few of the people in the room. Anyone who has been to PS Café for dinner knows how beautiful it is. It’s a gorgeous glass-fronted one story structure, with a lovely terrace overlooking greenery. I have to say that it’s even prettier during the day. The large glass panes let in lots of sunlight. It’s the perfect ambience for lingering over coffee, good food and one of the many cool fashion or design magazines available from the bar.

The menu is small but good, offering a dozen or so brunch specials. S and I were quite boring. I ordered scrambled eggs with Danish bacon, homemade baked beans, roasted tomatoes, and buttered toast. While the eggs could have been just a tad runnier, it was delicious. S had a bacon and egg sandwich, which is pictured above and as you can see does not just have bacon and eggs but some other wonderful things in it. In addition to these two egg dishes, they also serve a delicious sounding poached eggs dish, an onion and cheese flan which I’m going to order on my next visit, their signature spaghetti Bolognaise, and a few other tasty dishes. While I stayed boring and washed my food down with coffee, S ordered an interesting and lovely longan tea, made with black tea and dried pink longans that the owners hand carry from Northern Thailand.

If you’re a brunch fan, this is a great place to relax and have a great meal. I hate hotel buffet brunches—I consider them a complete rip-off. So, I appreciate the growing number of cafés offering good, moderately priced a la carte brunch menus. Now, if only we can convince PS Café to serve afternoon tea as well.

Brunch orders are taken from from 930am to 3pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

PS. Café
28B Harding Road
Tel: 6479 3343

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26 April 2006


Hi there

Thanks for letting us in. I wanted a birthday lunch at PS Cafe, but realised they don’t do that, oh well!

But brunch will do just as fine. Was bemoaning about the lack of good continental breakfast in S’pore. There used to be a good one along Upper Thomson, but the poor guy couldn’t sustain due to lack of traffic *sigh*

The pictures really caught my eye and I’m a breakfast person. No matter how late I sleep, I always wake up for breakfast! The egg and bacon sandwich looks amazing. *salivates*

Have to trot down to PS cafe soon. A pity that they are always booked. But a new breakfast place never fails to make me smile. 🙂

Thanks Chubby Hubby! I started to read your blog a few months ago, and your food pictures and writing are so beautiful, they make me want to move to Singapore. Of course, I don’t want to leave my beloved New York, so I’ve instead put Singapore on my growing list of Future Travel Destinations.

Ooh… I love a good, long and lazy brunch 🙂 And in time for the weekend no less!

I’m a recent follower of your blog and I must thank you for all your lovely pictures and suggestions for places to eat! Thanks Chubby Hubby!

Oh! I totally 2nd and 3rd that. Love the place. Hope that we get more and more places like PS Cafe in Singapore, more inspired settings and fewer shopping malls and personality-less places.

Your blog is so interesting and the photos are beautiful. I came across your blog last night and joined blogger just so I could leave a comment! I read that you dined at Opia during your visit to Hong Kong. We are going tonight . . . I can’t wait!

Hi CH! thanks for the brunch insider tip! I adore both PS Cafe and the original Paragon one. Haven’t been to PS for about 2 months, but just called them up to make a weekday dinner reservation for next week. Was dismayed to find that they do THREE eatings every single day! beginning from 6:30pm. Not sure whether you know about this already… anyhow, felt that each seating of around 1.5 hours was really a bit rushed, and mars the charm of this lovely place 🙁

Ah, the cat’s out of the bag! I was hoping it would stay quiet for a while and not get swamped. Can’t wait to try it!

i read a review of ps cafe in may’s issue of gourmet aussie edition as well. seems they are getting quite a bit of international airplay. thanks for the write up.

Heard so much abt PS cafe and it’s really hard to eat there without a reservation made. finally got mine booked for this sunday @ 630pm. maybe i should do bf on this sunday morning as well? thanks for the tip-off!

These are two of my favourite photos you’ve ever done – and that is saying alot, considering how gorgeous your work is. But there is something so very welcoming, so very friendly, about breakfast that look at these two and cannot help but smile (and wish I was there with a fork in hand).

thanks for the heads up, A! Went to PS for brunch yesterday and managed to get a table for my party of eight without difficulty. Even Philip was looking more relaxed than usual evenings.

Went to PS Cafe for dinner when they just opened in Dec 2005. Thought the food was below average. There were 4 of us and and none of our dishes stood out, which was very sad indeed for such a great place.

I was really excited to hear that PS Cafe was finally open for brunch so I headed there with some friends this morning at 9.30 am. Really easy to get seats at that time and even when we left at 11 am, it was only a quarter full. Unfortunately, the food was so not up to par. Among the 3 of us, we ordered the bacon and scrambled eggs, the poached eggs with mushrooms and spinach and the coconut and caraway waffles. The scrambled and poached eggs were overcooked, the bacon was burnt in parts and the waffles tasted like they had been pre-cooked and warmed up, not light and crisp as a good waffle should be. Such a disappointment especially at such high prices (every dish was $20 and above). Plus portions are not that big for such prices. Brunch food should not be that pricey (even in New York, a good brunch place would only charge about US$10 for really excellent pancakes or waffles) and certainly not that poorly cooked. I remember the brunch specials at the Paragon outlet to be excellent so either the chef was cooking in his sleep this morning or as Anthony Bourdain said in his book, they’ve sent out their B-team cooks to do brunch duty as punishment. I won’t be rushing back for brunch any time soon unless it’s just to grab a coffee and a muffin…thankfully their dinners are still up to scratch.

Went for brunch yesterday at PS cafe with my hubby. We were looking forward to a nice leaisurely and delicious brunch, despite the bad reviews we saw on this thread.

We were utterly disappointed. It’s a real shame, they should have just kept it as a cafe in a clothing shop. Then it’s accidental and you don’t go in there with much expectations. Now they’ve turned themselves into a full-fledge cafe, serving mediocre cafe food at ridiculously high restaurant prices.

The waffles were pre-cooked and slightly tough and chewy. No butter was given. The onion flan was splashed with kicap manis, assaulting the otherwise delicate flavour of onions and eggs. A classic case of fusion/confusion cuisine. Ughh, i shudder just thinking about it.

Service was curt, smiles nonexistent. Forget about thank yous. It’s the most over-rated place of the year. We’ll never go there again.

Had the brunch last week , overpriced , under seasoned and overall poor in quality. cant understand that the previous comment was saying that hotel brunches are a rip off when comparing to the ps cafe. guess the person was having brunch in the 2¤¤ hotels. service is also very poor in the ps cafe.

hi i wanted some more photos on ps cafe and was wondering if any of you have anymore of the place, outdoors, indoors etc.

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