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Tonight, at a dinner party, my wife S ran into an old schoolmate. Willin Low is one of those guys whose stories make you smile and laugh. I liked him immediately. But what makes him of particular interest (to this blog and all you foodies out there) is that Willin, once upon a time a hot young lawyer, has traded in his black suits for a set of chef’s whites. Having spent 6 months slaving away in the kitchens of one of Singapore’s top Italian restaurants and many more months sharpening his skills catering at friends’ dinner parties, Willin has made the admirable and risky decision to open his very own restaurant.

Wild Rocket opens this coming weekend. In this casual 40 seater, Chef Willin will be serving what he describes as “simple unfussy modern comfort food with easy drinking wines.” He also promises that the food will be very, very affordable.

Wild Rocket is also in a real cute part of Singapore. It’s located in the Hangout@Mt Emily Hotel, a cheap but chic little hotel on Upper Wilkie Road, near Mt Emily Park, just minutes away from the Bugis and City Hall neighborhoods.

S and I will be trotting over this coming weekend to check out the restaurant, so you all can expect a full report with photographs. But you should also check it out if some simple unfussy modern comfort food sounds good to you.

Wild Rocket
Hangout@Mt Emily
10A Upper Wilkie Road
Tel: 63399448

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