Wagyu Burger

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A couple of days ago, a friend of mine who owns a fantastic little restaurant nestled in Fort Canning Park called me to ask a favour. She needed some photos done of one of her chef’s signature dishes; a local high-society magazine wanted to run it. Always happy to help a friend and equally thrilled to shoot anything yummy, I trekked over to Poppi and met up with chef Chris Millar. The dish in question was his Wagyu Burger, made (obviously) with wagyu beef, and topped with foie gras and truffle. I shot the burger from a variety of angles, in natural light. The shot above is my favourite of the lot (My wife calls the angle “very Australian food magazine-ish”).

I should say that the food at Poppi is good. Chris is a wonderful guy who is always eager to please his customers. After shooting the burger, I was ravenous but I wanted to eat something a tad healthier than the burger. Chris whipped up a wonderful duck confit and pear salad for me. It was delicious.

The Legends – Fort Canning Park
11 Canning Wlk, #02-02
Tel : 6339 8977

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