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A colleague of mine just came back from a business trip to Tokyo. As a favor, I asked him to stop off at Pierre Herme and buy me some macarons. Boy was I delighted when I saw the box he bought. Gorgeous, delicious, and plentiful. My skinny yet wonderfully gluttoness wife and I have been enjoying eating and identifying the flavours of these tasty treats. The obvious ones are yuzu, coconut, chocolate and rose. There were two though that we weren’t sure of. One of these both S and J of Kuidaore thinks is passionfruit-chocolate but the other we just can’t figure out… one of those “there’s at least 3 or more flavours here, but damned if I know what they are” experiences. That said, all were delicious. To date, I am yet to discover any one who does macarons better than Pierre Herme.

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  1. Clement 2 July 2005

    Wow, those look so perfect and delicious. The passionfruit-chocolate sounds interesting – is it a passionfruit macaron with chocolate ganache?

  2. J 2 July 2005

    thanks heaps for sharing; enjoyed them tremendously. it bothers me not to know what that mysterious last flavour is – like you said, definitely a combination of several elements…it tastes so familiar yet i just can’t put my finger on it. we must get to the bottom of this!

    btw: banana bread was awesome! toasted it slightly, split it, slathered it with sweet butter and honey – a little ott, i know, but yummm!

  3. Anonymous 3 July 2005

    Where in Tokyo may I find these? Thanks for sharing!

  4. nosheteria 3 July 2005

    I just made a batch of Parisian macaroons Thursday! I however just made one flavor (almond with a mocha filling), I did not have the energy to try out so many beautiful flavors.

  5. Anonymous 3 July 2005

    Have you tried the Bakerzin ones? At $1.50 a pop, they aren’t too shabby ‘tho the lemon ones are a tad too sweet, and that from a shameless sweet-tooth!

  6. Chubby Hubby 3 July 2005

    (oops. accidentally deleted earlier comment. am recreating most of it here.)

    Clement: Yup!

    J: Always happy to share.

    Anon: Go to http://search.japantimes.co.jp/print/features/life2005/fl20050211mw.htm
    This article lists Pierre Herme’s addresses plus other top chocolate shops in Tokyo.

    Nosheteria: Wow! I am impressed. One day I’ll get the courage to make my own also.

    Anon: I love Daniel’s macarons (Bakerzin). You know he trained under Pierre Herme yah?

    Clare: Hmmmm… that would be great! More excuses to visit more often.

  7. Clare Eats 3 July 2005

    I am so jealous….I wonder how much it would take to convince Piere Herme to open a shop in sydney? *sigh*

  8. R. 4 July 2005

    No, can’t say that I did. All I know is that he trained in France. And you know the drill, that’s enough for most of us to make a beeline to any shop 😉

    You truly are such an inspiration to me: have been meaning, for the longest time, to get a food blog started.

    Question to a fellow europhile and civil servant: how do we enjoy all these ingredients without burning a hole in our pockets? Case in point, last week I just had to have asparagus wrapped in parma and shelled out $14 for 7, yes count that, 7 shavings of the stuff. I mean, the packaging probably outweighed the prosciutto!

  9. Chubby Hubby 4 July 2005

    Hi R,

    Yah, it gets expensive. Means cutting back on other indulgences. Seriously cutting back. But it’s worth it.

    You should definitely start blogging! Right away!

  10. Jeanne 5 July 2005

    Aaaaaah, waves of tastebud nostalgia sweeping over me!! I had a box just like from PH’s Rue Bonaaparte store in my chubby little hands just 2 weeks ago (sadly, they didn’t stand much of a chance in my house!!) – Nick and I ate 2 every night till they were gone. There is definitely a chocolate and passion fruit ganache. Some of the other flavours in my selection (aside from the obvious ones like caramel & fleur de sel) are saffron, apricot & peach; olive oil and vanilla; pistachio & apricot; and my all-time favourite pamplemousse and Campari. Any of those sound like your unidentified flavours?? I also had an Isphahan – oh my…..

  11. Chubby Hubby 6 July 2005

    hi jeanne, maybe the flavors are different in tokyo and paris. none of those sound like what we tasted in the mystery macaron.

  12. Anonymous 17 August 2005

    hihi!!!thank you so much for this recommendation. i was in tokyo and had to find this PH shop by hook or by crook. and to my pleasure i found it!i tried macaroons for the first time in my life (yes, i didn't know what i was missing in life until now) and they were PH's macaroons!i have to give you a big hand for being able to identify what the flavours were. i had problems just remembering their names. but they were so pretty and so yummy! i savoured every single bite but couldn't identify any obvious flavours except one that tasted like it had red bean in it with some white sticky stuff surrounding it. there were at least a dozen flavours?!

  13. Melissa Scott 31 May 2011

    Thanks for sharing, that’s a fascinated post!

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