I had a small spot of free time this weekend (which is not normal) and finally got around to taking a few pictures of our new place. And since I promised to post one of our new kitchen, here it is. The kitchen is approximately 4 metres wide by 6 metres long. As you can see, it is all white with black and white hexagonal floor tiles and an island in the middle.

Some of you emailed and left comments asking what S and I consider essential in a well-equipped kitchen. Honestly, all a good kitchen really needs is counter space, pretty good storage space, a hob (gas or induction) with at least 4 zones, good exhaust, an oven, a fridge, and sufficient power points to run a variety of tools and appliances. With these, a good cook should be able to whip up any number of delicious meals.

Obviously, S and I did more than just build an adequate kitchen. We figured that after years of moving into pre-kitted out and pre-planned apartments, and basically adapting to the kitchens we were stuck with, we couldn’t resist the temptation to go all out and design the kitchen of our dreams. For us, first and foremost, that meant allocating a big enough space so that the two of us could cook side by side without getting in each other’s way. We achieved this by creating dual cooking areas on the 3.3 metre island that runs through the middle of the room. The zone closer to the entrance is a 4 zone induction hob. Closer to the back wall (with floor to ceiling windows to bring in natural light) is a 2 zone gas hob, an 8 BTU gas wok burner, and the coolest domestic salamander on the market. Above the island are two almost identical exhaust units.

Almost all the major cooking equiptment in the new kitchen comes from Miele. Miele is a client of ours and also a partner on a very exciting and important project. Over the past few years, we’ve gotten to know their product range very well. We respect their build quality and accuracy tremendously and, for S especially, there really wasn’t any question of using any other brand.

Same shot with some captions

When desiging the kitchen, we wanted to go with an all-white theme, which we thought would be good for photography. To that end, we also tried to minimize reflective surfaces. All the cabinetry is matte white, as are the silestone counters. We chose silestone because it is harder, more durable, more heat resistant, and more stain resistant than other synthetic surfaces, like corian for example. As mentioned, the back wall has floor to ceiling windows, in front of which we have placed translucent white roller blinds. This give us great diffused natural light. The wall / splashback areas are matte white ceramic tiles.

The right side of the kitchen houses our 4-door fridge (S literally hugged this thing when she first saw it in the showroom). Next to that is a column of built-in appliances: (from top to bottom) a coffee machine; a small cup warmer; a 60cm combi-steam oven (works as both a steamer and a normal oven); and a 60cm combi-microwave (works as both a microwave and a normal oven). Around these is storage space. After the appliances is counter space and more storage.

The left side of the kitchen offers more counter space and is also where our two sinks are situated. When cooking, we would stand between this side of the room and the island, which makes the sinks highly accessible. Between the sinks, we have designed a small trash chute. Under the counters, we have two dish washers, one on each side of the room. At the far end of the counter is our wonderfully sexy 90cm oven. Above the counter and under the overhanging cabinets, we’ve installed a system from which we can hang a variety of racks: cookbook racks, knife racks, spice racks, etc. Under the counter (not in the photos), to the left of the first dish washer, we also have two plate warmers.

We have more storage under the island, which is ideal for storing smaller pots and pans as well as essential cooking condiments. As you can tell, we like storage. In fact, when it comes to creating kitchen storage space, I don’t think enough is ever enough. I say the more the better.

One of the greatest things we’ve done is air-condition this space. I can’t tell you how annoying it is to cook in a non-air-conditioned kitchen in the tropics. It is almost impossible to make pasta and pastry in a hot kitchen and the one we used to cook in was often sweltering. Another luxury is something we added quite late in our plans. Originally, the space behind the right wall of the kitchen was a void space. But after speaking with our architect, we were able to add a small, narrow walk-in wine cellar. To access it, you go to the end of the kitchen, and turn right. It is less than a metre wide but around 3-4 metres deep.

Some of you have also asked what extra standalone appliances every great kitchen has to have. Well, I am sure some might disagree with me, but here’s my list: KitchenAid stand mixer, toaster, blender or stick blender (I swear by Bamix), electric kitchen scale, and an electric hot water kettle. I am assuming of course that you already have a good set of knives and a few good cutting boards; simple tools like meauring spoons, tongs and whisks; adequate mixing bowls and mis en place bowls; and some really good quality pots and pans. One of my own personal favourite appliances, which is not at all a necessity but is great to have, is an ice cream maker. I especially love ours because I never actually use it — I just pester S until she makes me a batch. Another machine that I love is our meat slicer — purchased right after we came back from Spain with a bag full of pata negra. Two appliances that I don’t have but really want is a vacuum packer (that can pack semi-wet ingredients) and a Thermomix.

Well, that’s it for the tour. I hope you like it. We’re really happy with how it turned out and owe our architect, our contractor and our carpenter major snaps for pulling this off for us so well.

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5 October 2008


gasp – with a kitchen like yours i think i could spend my entire day happily pottering in it, day after day. i’ve recently added a comfy sitting area in a corner of my kitchen so anyone keeping me company can be comfy or where i can rest my older weary feet after standing stirring for far too long *grin*

Another kitchen design essential you didn’t mention is light, which you seem to have an abundance of. It’s a beautiful space!

completely JEALOUS!!!!! *wail* The design is fabulous! Your design had sparked off some ideas how i can designed my kitchen when my flat arrives next year! But an all-white theme seemed alittle bit hard to maintain especially for folks like you who always cooked. Do share tips on cleaning & maintenance as well especially for such colour scheme like yours. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for sharing!

OHMIGAWWD I love it! its the kind of space where u can see ur self cooking in it and hanging out with friends in it as well.

Oh. my. god. This is gorgeous. You two designed the kitchen like chefs- everything where it should be, with plenty of counter space and I think that you even have a water spout on your kitchen island, right next to the stove top, exactly where it should be but where few thinks of putting it. You’ll enjoy this kitchen for the rest of your life. Congratulations!

Very impressive – I can see a lot of thought went into the space and you are sure to enjoy it and the cooking experience for a long time. Congrats on its completion – now comes the fun part!

Love your kitchen!! Its gorgeous, with a lot of space, great gadgets and just looks like lots of fun! Now you have got my curiousity piqued about the decor of the other parts of your house. You guys have good taste, so I’m sure your new home looks lovely….do share!

I loved your new kitchen, and i am still dreaming about mine. Hopefully I will save enough to rebuild mine next year. already spend quite abit on all our bedrooms last month. I may need your expertise when I am doing mine. ๐Ÿ™‚

Of course you realize when most of us go home to our kitchens it isn’t going to be somewhat, um, depressing after seeing your stunning design. My four feet of counter space suddenly seems (even more) woefully inadequate! Really like the island with room for two. Brilliant! Enjoy….like you weren’t already!!

Oh gosh, i don’t know what I love best about your kitchen? Is it the ceiling to floor windows, the gorgeous island, the trash can between the sinks or..orr…or…the FOUR DOOR FRIDGE?????

10 years from now, if my future husband asks me “how would you like the kitchen to be”, I will be showing him your blog. lol

love it!

Hi Aun and S,
It’s been awhile! ๐Ÿ˜‰
That looks like a million-dollar-kitchen…
you guys should be full-time luxury kitchen architects! (or are you already?)


Like what you said… “it’s pretty darned impressive.”

this gotta be the dream kitchen for many of us!

Tell me about cooking in a non-airconditioned kitchen! Mine is probably the worst to cook in but I’m contented to have a place of ours. moreover, this is our first home. i’m not complaining

Happy: I always keep two sprays at hand. One is Magiclean for kitchens and the other is a homemade vanilla wipe that contains rubbing alcohol. Whatever the colour of your kitchen, it still has to be spotlessly clean since you’re preparing food in it. Magiclean is good for removing greasy stains and most kitchen messes. The vanilla wipe is great when you’re going to put food on the surface of whatever you’re cleaning (for example when you’re making pasta or bread on the kitchen counter) because the rubbing alcohol disinfects but isn’t poisonous when consumed. We also have spoon stands so the ladle or spoon used to stir food is kept within reach and doesn’t drip all over the work surface. We also keep a damp cloth for wiping surfaces and a dry cloth for keeping hands and clean appliances dry always within reach.

Andre: cabinets were just regular custom-made ones from a local carpenter. We did indulge in Blum drawers. Fridge is Miele.

The Culinary Chase: Gas versus induction. Honestly, I wouldn’t be able to go with pure induction. Both have their merits. I love induction for speed and precise low temperature cooking for long periods of time. It also doesn’t generate as much ambient heat (you can melt chocolate without using a bain marie and it won’t burn). But there are other times when you just HAVE to cook with a gas fire.

My goodness, isn’t that impressive! Sure puts my kitchen to shame. But I will give it more than I’ve had previously – I lived in Mexico for a year sans oven! It was very tough goings for the baker in me. At the very least, you learn what you want when you finally get the chance to make your dreams come true. Enjoy!

I have wanted a wok / gas burner to go alongside my electric hob and this might just galvanise me into action. The salamander idea is great though. Absolutely love this layout.


sae your post on the dream kitchen and I think its absolutely fantastic! something which I would definitely model after for my future kitchen! (:

though I was just wondering if what is the budget allocated for your kitchen then? (if its private, would you give like a percentage cost of the whole apartment) cause i would think for such a kitchen it would definitely be pretty expensive!

Hi, happened to read your blog when i was thinking of baking a deep chocolate sour cream pound cake! will try tish boyle’s recipe. I have read about Mary Berry and wonder if you have ever tried her cake recipes?

hello! your kitchen is absolutely worth what is costs u..it is amazing how you could spend a great deal of effort in having planned and designed, i could almost sleep in that kitchen! very very beautiful indeed

I really want a vacuum pack machine too! When you get one, please blog about it – I’d like to know what’s a good brand. And heat-proof vacuum bags that can seal portions of soups, stews or curries and dumped straight into boiling water to heat up the food.

I think I really like the color schemes and the general look of the kitchen. I have saved the above photo as a reference, so that if ever in future I can afford the resources to renovate my kitchen, this is the look that I would like to have.

But, honestly, I think I have my dream kitchen. It could of course have been a little bigger… but all in all I am super super happy with it.

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