An Hermes Garden Party Brunch

When I was a journalist, part of my job required me to go to a lot of launch parties and receptions. While many of these were fun, the food at most of them was, sadly, forgettable. Of course, the food was rarely the point of these events, so neither I, nor I suspect the other guests, really minded. That said, however, it is nice to go to an event in which the food is considerably yummy.

This weekend, my wife and I were invited to a brunch/fashion show presented by Hermes. The third floor of the flagship boutique on Orchard Road was turned into a garden of sorts, with white-washed wooden cut-outs of trees, dogs and other things you’d expect to find in your neighbourhood park. White wooden walkways demarcated a runway, while waiters, clad formally with bowties and white aprons, served juices, Louis Roederer Champagne and hors d’oeuvres, prepared by the Four Seasons Hotel.

Hermes had crafted white wooden “cigarette girl-style” trays for the food and wooden caddies for the drinks that looked like up-market versions of what milkmen in the 1950s used to transport milk bottles from house to house. I thought these were fantastic.

The hors d’oeuvres, as implied, were excellent. The chocolate tarts were especially well plated. The pictures here show only a small medley of what we were offered. The cauliflower soup was delicious, as was an escargot vol-au-vent (which I was too eager to devour to shoot).

After some food and drink, the show started. It was essentially a showcase of new accessories, and as you can imagine, they were exquisite. Of course, I had to remind my wife that we couldn’t afford most of the wonderful products on display and in the store. The best part of the show—and a tremendous surprise—was the entrance of a number of super-cute canine models. Yup, in addition to the human models, Hermes arranged for some really pretty puppies to show-off their collars and leashes. My favourite, by far, was an 8 month old huskie. Here’s two of the puppies on the runway.

I guess I should also note that the Sharpei, pictured above, had a little accident while walking the runway. Fortunately it was number one, and not number two.

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