Local food shots

A month or so ago, I landed a great gig to shoot some local food shots for a client. I’m tremendously excited because these shots will be seen by a good part of the local population here. I was asked to identify some local dishes that best represented Singapore; the client only needs 6, but they suggested I shoot more so they could choose the best ones. The only glaring omission from my list is probably chilli crab, which I don’t think photographs well.

I’ve done shots at both a few local hawker centres as well as at the Raffles Hotel. For the hawker shots, my wife and I just ordered up some signature local dishes (char kuay teow, oyster omelette, etc), shot them quickly and then ate them. The above is some really yummy char kuay teow from the Old Airport Road hawker centre. Raffles Hotel, on the other hand, was super-kind, prepping 9 dishes for me early on a Saturday morning, specifically to shoot. The dishes looked fantastic… case in point, the very sexy prata pictured at the top of the post. I’ve just submitted all the finished pictures and hope the client is happy with them. These days, because of my “day job”, I seldom take on photographic assignments, but this was one I couldn’t pass up.

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