Milo agar-agar Buddhas

Okay, I’ll admit right from the start. This is a pretty silly post. (It’s also a post that may really upset some very devout Buddhists out there but I’ll take that risk.) Last year, some rather crazy but always fun friends gave us a set of some of the wackiest jelly / pudding molds I have ever seen. The Il Buddino molds, as you can see, allow slightly deranged foodies like me to make Buddha-shaped desserts.

S’s birthday was this past weekend. One of our celebratory meals was a fantastic lunch prepared for us and several friends by Chef Jimmy Chok, who is hands-down one of the best guys in the country when it comes to catering exquisite meals for small groups. For fun, I also decided to break out the Buddha molds, which had gone unused since we received them a number of months back.

S suggested that I make Milo agar-agar Buddhas to serve as our apres-dessert course. Which seemed like a fine idea until I realized that not only had I never made Milo agar-agar before, I’d never even tasted it (hey, I grew up in New York). S assured me it was a simple thing to make. All I needed to do was get the ration of Milo, sugar, water and agar-agar correct. After a little experimentation, I settled on a 5g agar-agar, 450g water, 75g milo and 25g sugar ratio, which seemed to work just fine.

As you can imagine, the Buddhas went over well — that is to say, everyone laughed. Fortunately, our group of friends is pretty darned tolerant. And while a big hunk of Milo agar-agar isn’t the ultimate gustatory pleasure, it sure can be fun when shaped the right way.

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