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More kitchen pix

I’ve been very delinquent with blogging recently. Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been running around like mad, both here in Singapore and also overseas, where I am working on helping a new client create a stunning 470-seat bar and restaurant. I’ll post more details on that establishment when I am allowed… the one thing I can say is that we’re trying to open it by the end of March 2009.

In the meantime, I thought I’d share a few more pictures of the kitchen that S and I have built in our new home. As mentioned previously, this is, for us, a dream kitchen to work in, and one we’ll probably spend many (many) months paying off.

I mentioned last time that we were planning on installing an 8 BTU wok burner in the island. We’ve actually changed our mind and instead have installed a barbecue grill, which means that our island now allows us to cook with induction, gas, via a grill and with a salamandar.

One of the coolest and smartest things our architect did was install a small pop-up device in our island that gives us access to a power supply. Perfect for plugging in a stick blender and using it while cooking.

As also mentioned last time, we installed two sinks across the island, which helps to reduce marital discord (not sure about you, but we were always fighting for use of the one sink in our old place).

About Aun Koh

Aun has always loved food and travel, passions passed down to him from his parents. This foundation, plus a background in media, pushed him to start Chubby Hubby in 2005. He loves that this site allows him to write about the things he adores--food, style, travel, his wife and his three kids!



  1. thanks for sharing more pix..

    you kitchen is stunning!

  2. Dru Dru

    That is one mean kitchen brother. Our home will be going through a complete gutting and renovation and this is inspiring. Thanks!

  3. Mei Mei

    his and her bathroom basins i’ve heard of, but this is ingenious! love the pics but hate to think about cleaning out the cooker hoods!

  4. This is the third time I’m trying to comment. Just doesn’t seem to accept the auth code.

    Always love to see more photos from you! Wow you’ve got two KAs? I’m trying to get my hands on my first one. Waiitng much hopefully for some cousins to cart it all the way down here for me.

    The kitchen looks gorgeous, but don’t you have to work hard to keep it looking so pristine and white? But I’m sure its so, so worth it!~ 😀

  5. It’s so bright and pretty! I love the clean lines. That popup outlet is clever.

    What are you doing for ventilation? I can’t quite tell what those panels are over the island. Is that one massive hood?

  6. Oh duh. I just looked at your previous pictures. Yes, I see it’s an exhaust hood. Internal or external fan? (I want to get a good stove, which will require good ventilation, so I’m dwelling on it.)

  7. Hauke Hauke

    This is one of the nicest kitchens i’ve seen. I’m soooooo jealous!

  8. Mei Mei

    i couldn’t help returning a second time … to drool. so that’s one great kitchen to be churning out food for party after party? how about a video of the chubby household in full festivity next – lots of cuts to chefs in the kitchen and well heeled friends oohing and aahing over fancy morsels?

  9. I Love how simple the space is. Sleek, straight lines…it really allows the features to pop (colorful stand mixers, rustic wood cutting boards, etc.) This looks like a dream space to work in!

  10. JT JT

    Beautiful! a his and her kitchen aid, COPPER POTS!! I love using copper and cast iron equiptment!! very nice and heavy equiptment you got! and that knife! very nicely crafted 3 rivet handle, what brand is it? can it be found here locally in singapore?

  11. WOW! what a wonderufl kitchen you have! Hope to see lots of yummy food coming from it!

  12. Two sinks? AND two Kitchenaids?? Man, you guys really are good at avoiding marital discord! Your kitchen pics continue to torment so many of us, in a masochistic, we can’t not look sort of way. I’d love to see it in person, but I’m sure me “green with envy” skin tone would clash with yur white color scheme!

  13. Poh Loong Poh Loong

    Hi Chubby and S,

    FANTASTIC looking kitchen with island!

    mind sharing the contact of architect of your kitchen? 😉



  14. lu lu

    oh gosh, its my dream kitchen too! awww!

  15. august august

    What an amazing kitchen – I’m loving all the details!
    I’m planning to sink some cash into my 1st Le Creuset purchase (I see that you have some pieces in their lovely Flame colour?) and was hoping you could give me some expert advice. I am thinking of getting a round French oven but am torn between the 22-cm and 24-cm. I usually cook for 2 (with seconds), but would like some versatility for cooking for up to 4 or 6 when I have guests. What would you recommend? 🙂 And which size do you currently own? Thanks so much for your help.

  16. Chubby Hubby Chubby Hubby

    Thanks guys for the kind comments.

    Kitt: We have two hoods that link to external exhaust.

    JT: The knife is a Kramer. Bob Kramer makes the most beautiful knives.

    August: Get the bigger size then. We have a few different size cocottes and cast iron pots. Get one huge one for big braises and one 24cm for everyday cooking. 🙂

  17. Ej Ej

    it’s hard to believe that your kitchen is not by bulthaup or arclinea or some other high-end brand! it’s gorgeous and has very smart ideas. very well researched and designed! do you mind sharing with us the contractor who built it?

  18. Okay I’m back here for the nth time to drool over you kitchen photos. Aun, I think we need more house pics in addition to the kitchen one. 😀

  19. Chris Teo Chris Teo

    Hi, some qns:

    1) any advise on how you maintain your kitchen
    2) What hobs are those – Ariston?
    3) did not see your salamander. Can you point it out??

    Thanks in advance. Chris

  20. Chubby Hubby Chubby Hubby

    Chris: We have a special cleaner for the silestone counters. Other than that, we’re just careful to always clean the kitchen after each use. All our our built-in appliances, including the gas hobs are Miele. The salamandar is actually the metal appliance beyond the hobs and barbecue grill. It rises up from the counter. You can see it in use in the previous post, with the grilled fish.

  21. tootall tootall

    Great kitchen! Can i ask where did you get the recipe holder from? It is such a good idea that we want to adapt it. 🙂

  22. Sherine Sherine

    Hey looks like you guys have gotten your KitchenAid its very own soulmate/partner-in-crime 😀 The two babies look so cute together!

    And I totally understand the double sink bit, especially so the double handwash pump bottles – I suppose you and S have your respective favourite scents?

    Keep more pictures coming please.

  23. yuyu yuyu

    Wow! two KitchenAids stand mixers. Totally impressed. I will be travelling to San Francisco in January and was wondering if I should buy a KitchenAid stand mixer (Williams-Sonoma is selling it for an unbelievable US$299) and check it as baggage on the flight back home. I know I will need a transformer for the voltage conversion, but I am more concerned whether the KitchenAid will be damaged on the flight home. Anyone has ever had any experience checking in a KitchenAid product on a flight?

  24. vicky vicky

    I love the cutting boards you have in the kitchen picture – I live in the US, any info/brand I can look up on the web to find it? Looking forward to your future posts!

  25. Silver Surfer Silver Surfer

    Simple kitchen with good choice of appliances. Not too keen on the open shelves though, oil and dust magnet.

  26. Lesley Lesley

    i love love LOVE your new kitchen!! certainly too die for. what an inspiration. please keep writing!

  27. What an incredible workspace!!I love white kitchens- while wood may be warm,white surfaces look so clean and uncluttered,which is important to me in the kitchen. And your pop-up outlet makes me drool!

  28. Shu Ying Shu Ying

    Love the design of your clean white kitchen. May I ask where do you get the 2 lovely cutting boards placed next to your sink? Will kill for those.

  29. S S

    Dear Shu Ying, unfortunately the 2 stores we bought them from (we actually have four cutting boards in this style) have since closed (Sebastien’s and a kitchen store facing Caffe Beviamo in Tanglin Mall).

  30. Wen & Chris Wen & Chris

    Just saw your place in print… very very nice! We were looking at the print pics of the kitchen and were thinking “Gosh that looks familiar!” Very very nice kitchen and equally fantastic home 🙂

  31. Wendy Wendy

    Really envious – am salivating over the beautifully designed and well thought out kitchen, and my hubby equally impressed by the outlook of the house exterior! Mind sharing your architect’s name and company?

  32. beAr beAr

    me too; i was reading the article, which mentioned K2LD, and wondered if that house could be yours. then i saw the kitchen pics! LOL!

  33. msBurrito msBurrito

    I just have to come out of the woodwork and ask this cos I’m dying to know… Why do you need 2 kitchenaids? Won’t 1 suffice with ample mixing bowls and paddles to rotate among the different batters? Are they in use simlutaneously an awful lot? Sorry for being such a busybody, this has been all I’ve been thinking of since seeing these gorgeous pics! I love my hot red KA and seeing 2? Pure delight!

  34. Marie Marie

    Your kitchen’s gorgeous!

  35. jacob jacob

    You have the most beautiful kitchen! would you mind telling me where you got those lovely chopping boards from?

  36. Puja Pawa Puja Pawa

    hey, ur kicthen looks amazing ! would you mind sharing ur architect / designer / contractor pls ???

  37. Kay Kay

    IMy previous got “eaten” up! I’m really inspired by the food you cook. Everything looks so good. I wish I had the time to experiment! I went to town recently to view the KitchenAid mixers after being inspired by your post. They’re really expensive in London – £350! I ended up getting a hand held Kenwood K-Mix because I don’t have enough countertop space to house a large, heavy one permanently anyway. 🙂

  38. Mummybee Mummybee

    I am a mum of a 3-yr-old girl with severe food allergies. We, as a family, don’t travel out of the country anymore as I need to cook every single meal for her.

    I didn’t realise there is such a thing as a vacuum pack machine. May I enquire where I can get one from, and whether it is bulky or expensive? Presumably I could pre-pack and freeze food batches to be checked into air cargo?

    Also I wonder if you have a cake or cookie recipe that does not call for eggs? J develops analyphatic shock with even trace amts.

    Thanks, CH and S, I have truly enjoyed reading your stories and recipes.

  39. Theran Theran

    Hi, I love your pop-out power outlet, do you know where i can get them in Singapore?

  40. S S

    msBurrito: I confess, there is no necessity to have two KitchenAids. The fact that we do is pure self-indulgence 😛
    Jacob: Please scroll upwards, ShuYing also asked about the chopping boards. Retail info is just a wee-bit above your comment.
    Puja Pawa: K2LD designed our home.
    MummyBee: You can purchase vacuum packing machines at Takashimaya and other electrical appliance stores. They are fairly compact, but prices vary. I will try to showcase an eggless cookie batter soon!
    Theran: Brand is called Epail. Afraid our fairygod-architect sourced it for us.

  41. pk pk

    may i know where you got your kitchen floor tiles from? they look great!


  42. S S

    Hi PK there were from STONETEC 63657800

  43. Janelle Janelle

    Hi, would you share feedback on pop up electrical outlet after all these years of having it?

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