I’ve complained quite a few times about my Treo’s camera. While it may be fine for snapping quick cute shots when walking the dogs, in low light situations and for shooting close-up, it’s awful. I have one other digital camera, a Fuji S1 Pro I bought years ago, and it is great. Takes fantastic shots. The only problem is that it’s big, really big. Not only is this digital SLR a pain to lug around, it’s not exactly inconspicuous whipping it out in a fine dining establishment.

So, I decided to splurge on a new toy. Pictured here is the new Contax i4R, a beautiful 4 megapixel camera with a Zeiss lens that’s smaller than a pack of cigarettes. It has a great macro setting and you can set your own white balance. Here, for example, under halogen lighting, is a picture taken on the Contax of my Treo.

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5 April 2005


About 5 years ago, I have given my sony camera to my sister. She still uses it and it is great while I could not yet find a better one after 4 different cames. Not easy to find a good one

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