Ever since S and I first noticed that Isetan, one of the local Japanese supermarkets, began carrying minced wagyu, I’ve been dying to get some and make my own steak haché—which, unless you happen to wish you were living in Paris (like me!), or are Frasier or Niles (who don’t exist anyway), you’d probably call a “burger”. Last night, I mixed up two trays with an egg, an onion (diced), some Worcestershire sauce, some plum tomato relish we had picked up at Bunalun, bread crumbs, a bit of salt and a sprinkle of pepper and made two generous wagyu burger patties. Under the patties we mixed some rocket and spinach with some toasted pine nuts, all dressed lightly with a Champagne vinaigrette. Over the burger, we spooned a super-tasty truffle mayonnaise that S made from combining a recipe from the Balthazar cookbook with Tetsuya’s truffle salsa. It was a lovely, mostly carb-free, dinner and one of the more elegant burger meals I’ve ever had or made.

On another note, I was pleasantly surprised today by a package from a friend who has just returned from London. Inside were these gorgeous Nigella Lawson Serving Hands. S was especially thrilled; she’s slightly obsessed with all of Nigella’s beautiful products. And since we haven’t yet seen any of her products for sale in Singapore, getting anything from her range is a real treat. Isn’t it wonderful when friends get you great gifts that you’ve been coveting for a long time?

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6 July 2005


Wagyu burger with Tets truffle salsa? *drool*

Excuse me while I have a Homer-inspired moment of gustatory daydreaming…

Why do I read your site before lunch? Like 5 minutes until my lunch hour? My salad (currently waiting in the fridge) does not seem so very glamourous now … the truffle mayonaise is really what sends that plate over the top! Sigh – off to eat my greens.

I had no idea there was wagyu in Isetan – another destination for checking out – is there a major difference in taste and texture as compared to normal premium minced beef?

Tara: Many apologies for making you hungry. Most of my quick weekday lunches aren’t stellar either.

Augustus: Homer… Simpson or the blind poet? ;-p

Joone: 🙂

Eatzycath: I find that the minced wagyu is much fattier than normal mince. It makes the burger much tastier and much more tender… that said, the meat in patty is much harder to bind, i.e. has a tendency to break apart.

I have been following your blog for a while and I find your entries nothing but mouthwatering!

I see that you are also a macaroon fan, so am I! Not sure if you have already done so, but you must try the ones at Hyatt Hotel.

Hey Chubby hubby, been reading your blog eversince you became a ST hot blogger and I felt I really have to say something to you.My family is filled with gratitude with your blogs,cos eversince I have been reading them I have been inspired to Create and Cook!! Hated baking but been inspired to take it up after your wife makes it sound so terribly easy and essential. Thanks thanks thanks.

Beautiful picture and delicious post!

Can you fill me in on what Tetsuya’s truffle salsa is? I’m currently addicted to truffle salt… so a salsa would be a good thing to mix it up a bit.

anon: Haven’t tried the Hyatt’s macarons. I’ll do that asap. Thanks for the heads-up.

IronaB: Thank you so much for the kind, kind words. Your comment has really made my week. Thank you.

MegWoo: It’s a jarred product that they sell at Culina. It’s sort of like a pesto, but with truffles as the main ingredient. You can mix it in sauces, or with butter and use it as aspread for bread. It’s a great product.

The burger sounds delicious – kinda like the one they serve at Iggy's at lunch, except it's very small (hubby called it an inhalational portion…but he likes big food)

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