Stripping: cooking with dogs 101

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  1. bea at La Tartine Gourmande 21 June 2006

    Funny and to the point. The stealer in my house used to be cats!

  2. Nha 21 June 2006

    hahah that’s so cute!

  3. J 21 June 2006

    hi, the resident furry brown napoleon salutes and applauds The Tall Blonde’s fearlessness, stealth, and above all, impeccable nose for a worth-the-scolding heist 😉

  4. Zara's Mama 21 June 2006

    Is that you?

    For me it was our cat too… but he loved raw food, so at least the food stolen was before we’d labored on it.

  5. Rosa's Yummy Yums 21 June 2006

    LOL!!! With dogs it goes very fastly. I have cats, but they rarely steal anything from the kitchen; they are more interested in our plants!…

  6. Saffron 21 June 2006

    Very funny!Last year my dog stole 4 fillets with cheese and ham in 30 seconds just because I went to open the door!

  7. zhonghuarising 21 June 2006

    Very cute! I wonder if the world’s top chefs have to contend with Fido stealing away their labours of love? At least it would be an appreciative audience!

  8. umami 21 June 2006

    At least your pooches are discriminating, my greedy Rufus will steal anything edible. At dinner tonight he licked some curry gravy and was choking away but he loved it.

  9. Chubby Hubby 22 June 2006

    Bea: Ah… ninja-cats.

    Nha: Thanks.

    J: I’m sure Gracie and Brando are very inspired by and jealous of Sascha’s height. ;p

    Zara’s mama: Um… maybe. Our pooches like stealing food only after we slave over it… sigh.

    Rosa: Count yourself lucky.

    Saffron: That’s some fats pooch.

    Zhonghuarising: Yah, I can just see Jean-Georges chasing Fido, with a Bresse chicken in his jaws, through the kitchen of his restaurant.

    Umami: Yah, our pooches may be greedy, but they also have oddly refined tastes.

  10. yoony 22 June 2006

    lucky dog!! once my bf’s dog took a bite of his in-n-out burger and got in so much trouble. so no food thieving from the dog anymore thank goodness!

  11. Colin 22 June 2006

    My dogs like his broccoli and white (and only white) asparagous scalded, not steamed or boiled. He also enjoys lamb with a hit of rosemary and sashimi quality salmon (non of the defrosted/smoked rubbish please).

    We have recently learnt that he is fond of the hokkien bak zhang with the pork belly after he somehow clawed down the whole bunch of freshly made rice dumplings and gulped down 3 before we could stop him. He is not so keen on the nyonya white dumplings, which he thinks is too bland on the palate.

  12. Yul 22 June 2006

    I don’t know what happened to your site, but I see adds all over the place, some covering the posts and some empty spaces showing error messages? But maybe you are you working on it right now.

  13. matt 23 June 2006

    I’m way to soft to be the dog trainer/diciplined whip cracker in our home yet my dog has learned to politely “ask” before stealing food.

    She’s much more mannered than I could ever be!


  14. lobstersquad 23 June 2006

    These strips are so cool! I love them.
    My blonde labrador has very similar tastes to the one in the strip. And she´s always hanging about the kitchen. Dangerous animals, in their own sweet way.

  15. Anonymous 25 June 2006

    Pizza sounds GREAT!

    What happened to the pork belly?

    Hur hur…

  16. Anonymous 26 June 2006

    Ha Ha reminds me of the time our yellow labrador ate an entire roast chicken and then a banana cake for desert both of which were sitting on top of the kitchen cupboard- all in the space of about 1.5 minutes.

  17. Andrea 27 June 2006


    another cartoon!

    okay, I’m easy to please

  18. Anonymous 27 June 2006

    Wow! Did u draw these? It’s cool! 😀 I like! I love ur posts by the way =D Makes me very inspired to cook and try my hand at the tasty recipes!

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