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Vanilla, vanilla, vanilla

Happy New Year!

I hope all of you had a wonderful, delicious and fun-filled New Year’s Eve feast. S and I had the pleasure of dining at a friend’s house. She had engaged the services of chef Jimmy Chok for the night. Jimmy whipped up an amazing 6 course feast for the 16 of us gathered together: seared scallop on a wakame tart; braised pork belly topped with a fried egg on a portobello mushroom; lobster ravioli in lobster bisque; Atlantic cod with vanilla leeks and salmon roe beurre blanc; lamb shank and porcini wrapped in phyllo pastry; and warm molten chocolate cake. It was a fantastic meal, enhanced by great company.

Dessert from an all-time classic

Growing up in New York City, one of the restaurants I always wanted to go to was Lutece. It was, in its heyday, considered by many to be New York’s–or even America’s–best French restaurant. As […]

Creamless creamed corn

There are some dishes that are entirely evocative. The kinds of foods that, when you eat them, make you think of a dozen other things. For me, creamed corn is one of those things. I […]

SHF #12: Old-Fashioned Pumpkin Custard Pie

I rarely take part in Sugar High Friday. Unlike über-dessert chef-bloggers like Keiko or J, I’m much more comfortable cooking savory entrées and main courses. As I’ve written before, dessert is the domain of my […]

Seven Hours to Heaven

I love slow-cooked meats. I love how after spending several hours gently cooking away in the oven, a tough piece of meat becomes buttery soft, so soft that it falls off the bone with no […]

IMBB #15: Trial by Jelly

For this month’s IMBB challenge, hosted by Simply Recipes, I tried out a recipe for a Panna Cotta Parfait and Red Fruit Jelly from Patrick O’Connell’s Refined American Cuisine. When O’Connell makes this dessert, he […]

Yummy Brownies

We recently purchased a copy of The King Arthur Flour Cookie Companion, a great big volume full of yummy recipes. After a quick dinner (soya sauce chicken noodles—yum!), we decided to make something. I had […]