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dog treats sweet potato balls2

Puppy Treats: Sweet Potato Balls

Dog Treats Sweet Potato BallsOn August 9, 2010 our first dog, Sascha, passed away. We were in Sri Lanka for a wedding at the time and received the news just as we checked onto our flight home. Her departure was sudden. I can still remember my disbelief. After all, she had been full of energy and vitality. As we left for the airport just days earlier, she had gazed down at us from the top of the stairs with that mix of imperious aloofness and doleful sweetness that made her special in our eyes. She was 11, but had not shown any signs of slowing down.

Canine comfort food

It seems like all the dogs in my life are currently not in the pink of health. Just before we left for our month-long trip, Brando, my longhaired mini-dachshund god-dog (yes, I’m referred to as […]

Puppy love

Today, 2 April, our younger golden retriever, Alix, celebrates her fourth birthday. Friends have observed that we have a softer spot for our second dog. I guess I can’t help it. Alix is smaller than […]

lost and FOUND!

It’s a little after 10pm on Monday and I’m very, very happy to report that Alix has been found, picked up, showered and is happily snoozing away. I’d like to send out huge thanks to […]

Help. Our dog has gone missing!

I’m typing this from Perth, where my wife and I have been the last few days. Last night, we got some horrible news. Our younger dog Alix (pictured here) has gone missing. She was staying […]

Turducken for dogs?

I’ve always been equally amused and excited by gourmet dog foods. When S and I spied this line of food, we knew we had to pick up a couple cans for Sascha (the kitchen-shark mentioned […]

Damn Dog!

Let me repeat that. “Damn dog!” For dinner tonight, S, obviously inspired by the recent Asia-Middle East Summit that was hosted here in Singapore a couple weeks ago (and that one of our relatives was […]

Doggy Cookies

April 2nd was Alix’s second birthday. Alix, as you can probably tell from the picture below (hovering in the background) is the younger of our two Golden Retrievers. To celebrate, my wife S, in addition […]