Canine comfort food

It seems like all the dogs in my life are currently not in the pink of health. Just before we left for our month-long trip, Brando, my longhaired mini-dachshund god-dog (yes, I’m referred to as his “Auntie Mom”) suffered from […]

Puppy love

Today, 2 April, our younger golden retriever, Alix, celebrates her fourth birthday. Friends have observed that we have a softer spot for our second dog. I guess I can’t help it. Alix is smaller than her older sister and inevitably […]

lost and FOUND!

It’s a little after 10pm on Monday and I’m very, very happy to report that Alix has been found, picked up, showered and is happily snoozing away. I’d like to send out huge thanks to all the people who posted […]