A stroll uptown to Zabar’s in New York City

“Zabar’s  is New York …..New York is Zabar’s.”  So goes the tag-line of one of the most exotic gourmet food stores in New York.  Located on the Upper West Side at 80th and Broadway, Zabar’s is the place to go for, well, almost everything.  But it is hands-down definitely the best place on the Upper West Side for smoked fish, olives, cheese, bagels, fresh bread and coffee beans.

I think most tourists end up going downtown and rarely make it to the Upper West Side.  So, if you have a Sunday morning to spend at leisure in Manhattan, I would recommend that you be contrarian.  Just stroll uptown along Broadway, from Columbus Circle to 80th, till you reach Zabar’s where you can stop for a bagel and coffee.  It is a very colourful and vibrant part of town and you will not be disappointed.  On the weekends, you can also catch the famous flea market, on 77th Street and Columbus Avenue.

I used to go to Zabar’s every Sunday when I lived in New York many years ago.  When I popped by recently during a business trip, I was pleasantly surprised that the place has not changed much.   It has kept all the quaint charm that has made it a New York institution.

Zabar’s is essentially a family run business and the service is very friendly.  The place is cluttered with unusual produce from around the world and there is an old world feeling about the place that you don’t get at Dean & Deluca, which is the other famous New York institution.  I particularly like the extensive cheese section at Zabar’s as well as their coffee corner, where the Zabar’s house blend is very good and very robust.  Their kitchen store is on the upper floor and often features some great bargains.  The good news is that Zabar’s now has an online service. If you are feeling extravagant, you can have your bagels shipped by UPS!

2245 Broadway (at 80th Street)
New York, NY 10024
Tel: +1 212 787 2000




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Maroj Alliax sleeps better on an airplane than on terra firma. Maroj keeps himself sane during his many business trips by checking out nice restaurants and food places when abroad. In his student days, Maroj worked as a waiter in restaurants and went to cooking school briefly in Paris. He likes to cook for friends but has less time to do that now because of the travelling. He has not given up the idea of running a restaurant one day.