Greetings from Bhutan. S and I have been here since the 19th, doing a spot of work and also trying to sneak in some much-needed R&R.

The Land of the Thunder Dragon is magnificent. We’ve spent the last 4 days in Paro, staying at Christina Ong’s very comfortable Uma Paro for the first 3 nights of our trip. The food at Uma Paro is amazing and the staff all super-enthusiastic and really a joy to be around. We’ll be moving east tomorrow and on the road until the 28th. We’ll try our best to post every few days, but finding email and Internet access is not that easy (my handphone can’t even get a signal here). In the meantime, here are some pix from our journey thus far.

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  1. Brenda 22 November 2007

    What amazing photos! Looking forward to hearing more about your trip.

  2. Melissa 22 November 2007

    Holy cow, what a fantastic experience. I’ve always wanted to visit Bhutan, but they sure don’t make it easy to do so – which is probably a good thing! Still, I’m so, so envious.

    And what gorgeous photos – the quality of the light is incredible!

  3. w. 23 November 2007

    Awesome photos! Had a great experience at sister resort Uma Ubud, and have since been wanting to check Uma Paro out. Glad to hear it hasn’t disappointed.

  4. lenny boy 23 November 2007

    as a photo nut, i’m officially jealous… that and all the grub too…

  5. susan 23 November 2007

    wow these pictures are amazing! i love the first one with the monks and all the beautiful red. happy thanksgiving!

  6. Peter Yeoh 23 November 2007

    Such beautiful photos – you make us want to come to Uma Paro on the next flight! How’s the food there?

  7. Christina 23 November 2007

    I spent a week in Bhutan and stayed at Uma Paro as well. Loved the place and would definitely hope to revisit. Lovely people, monks and stray dogs … all of whom are so willing to pose for pics. I used a Nikon D80 with 18-135 kit lens as my 70-200 VR was too heavy to lug around tho I am sure the result wld be fantastic. Have fun and post more pics.

  8. ping 23 November 2007

    What a coincidence! I’m a regular reader of yours and I just arrived in Thimphu about a month ago. I am working here as a volunteer until Oct 2008.

    Will you be heading to Thimphu? And you wouldn’t by any chance have some Bak Kwa from home would you? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. ugyen 23 November 2007

    Welcome to Bhutan, Have a wonderful stay here, The Pictures Looks Cool and yeah it is Trouble Finding Internet Cafes in Bhutan Especially Out of Thimphu,Paro, Phuntsholing Town.

  10. CORNUCOPIAE 24 November 2007

    How fortunate with that. Matsutake season is just over pity.. do tell if the rainbow trout is as good as we hear? Please keep posting more photos on the blog.

  11. hagar 24 November 2007

    Bhutan…sounds like a photographer’s dream…
    Awaiting more of your photos and stories soon!

  12. Valerie 24 November 2007

    incredible photos will be great to hear about the cuisine in Bhutan.have you covered Cambodia before?its awesome=)

  13. tiptup 25 November 2007

    Lovely photos as always! I sincerely hope that you will be posting a gift guide for cooks 2007. Love the one you had last year!

  14. lara dunston 26 November 2007

    I’ve just discovered your blog and just posted on my travel blog about it and some other Asian-focussed food and travel blogs. I’m a professional travel writer and I blog about what I find cool about travel. I’m interested in what inspires us all to travel and that’s something I like to explore through my blog – For me food is a big motivator to travel and your blog (and other food inspire me to move. I’m so glad I’ve discovered you and I’m going to check in frequently. I’m also going to check out others on your list! Thanks! But what inspires you to travel? Other than food???

  15. lara dunston 26 November 2007

    Oh, I’ve just realised you have Charles and Marie on your list of cool links. My husband Terry and I write GRANTOURISMO for Charles and Marie!

  16. rachel 27 November 2007

    these photos are amazing!

    are these taken with the nikon or the panasonic?

  17. Mansi 28 November 2007

    wow, I loved seeing Butan through your pics! my first time here, and I share your love for food and travel! hope to keep coming back:)


  18. offspring 28 November 2007

    beautiful. simply beautiful

  19. amelia 29 November 2007

    hi there! jus wanted to say that your photos are awesome! I’m falling in love with Bhutan already. Heard that Bhutan’s GDP is depended on the people’s happiness. Are the people there really happy? Have you tried yak meat yet? ๐Ÿ™‚
    Oh and are the photos taken with your nikon or panasonic lumix?

  20. From Paris with Love 29 November 2007

    Can you tell me what was in the backwheat noodle dish? It looks really delicious. In your opinion, is it the kind of dish one could replicate at home?

  21. bernice 30 November 2007

    Hi there! Wonderful pictures! I totally love the bridge one and the sunday market. Love your perspectives! This is the first time i’m reading your blog (urghh.. and i’m a singaporean, can you believe that??!) and i’m addicted!

  22. Sara/columbiafoodie 30 November 2007

    Great pics, those buckwheat noodles look fabulous, I wish I was there for that meal!

  23. Janice 9 December 2007

    I once had a date with the son (nephew?) of the King of Bhutan, and so I had to read this post. The buckwheat noodles look too good to be true…Janice

  24. wenn 15 December 2007

    really super wonderful photos!!
    hope one day i can go!!

  25. Desmond M Koh 25 December 2007

    Amazing pictures Aun and the food looks fab. We’ll have to get advice from you for visiting Bhutan!

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