Checking in — revamp still in the works

Hi everyone. It’s been a really long time since I’ve been active here.

I thought I would share some recent photos with you guys. S and I took off for a super fast 3 day trip to Tokyo last week in order to celebrate her birthday. While we would have loved to have stayed longer, we had to get back in time for my son’s first birthday, which is only 3 days after S’s birthday. Yup, little T is now one year old and he’s the cutest kid on the planet (but hey, I’m biased!).

We managed to pack in some amazing eating in our short trip, as follows. Day 1: An oily, soupless ramen with pork belly and soft-boiled egg from Abura Soba Sohonten for brekkie; deliciously fatty katsu at Butagumi for lunch; and the best sushi of my life at Sushi Sho in Yotsuya (seriously, this place has no Michelin stars–but has appeared in The Miele Guide year after year–and for my money was far better than any other sushi meal I have ever had in my entire life, including more famous places like Sushi Saito, Kyubey, or Mizutani) for dinner. Day 2: Lots of yummy pastries from Isetan Shinjuku’s food hall for brekkie; manju from Higashiya Omotesando as a midday snack; burgers at Blacows mid-afternoon; and a beautiful Modern Japanese multi-course extravaganza at Aronia de Takazawa to celebrate S’s birthday. Day 3: breakfast pastries at Laduree Ginza; good but overpriced sushi at Sushi Mizutani for lunch; wagashi at Higashiya Ginza after lunch; and super fun Yakiniku with lots of premium sake at Sutamina-en to end the day (followed by a mad dash to Haneda).

Anyway, here are some snaps from the trip. (I’ve also been playing with a fun CCTV 25mm f1.4 lens for my GF1, hence the Lomo-ish style pix with lots of bokeh.)

I also just wanted everyone to know that the blog revamp is now underway. I do apologize for taking so long to get to this. Parenting, work, and a lot of other things all made life pretty busy. But I have time now and I’m dedicated to this relaunch. I’ve also been working with a wizard digital strategist here in Singapore who is giving me some great advice (anyone who needs a digital strategy consultant for their own personal business or company, lemme know — this guy is awesome). I am also looking for contributors who want to write for this site — yup, instead of just posting my own work, I want to build a volunteer Chubby Hubby editorial team to write on a few specific topics. If you’re interested, please email me at For those of you who responded to my Twitter post on this already, I promise I will reply soon.

Lastly, I need your help. For the revamp, I’ve been evaluating blog template styles and have narrowed down a few styles I like best. I’ve listed them below. As you’ll see, all represent a pretty big departure from the current design.

Can I please ask you to tell me which you think looks the best?

Miniml Press
Shaken Grid
The Style

Please leave a comment telling me which template you think looks best and which you think I should adopt as I rebuild Chubby Hubby from scratch. Thank you so very much!

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