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I think everyone has certain foods that they’d travel the world for. We all have cravings. And when those food items are in far-off countries, we often crave them even more. My gorgeous greedy friend L, for example, is a total Penang food fanatic. (Then again, who isn’t?) One of her favourite Penang food items is tau sar peahs from Him Heang bakery (pictured above). A tau sar peah (or piah), for the unintiated, is a flaky pastry made with molasses and stuffed with bean paste. (If you want some more info, you can check out this page on the Tourism Penang website.)

My darling wife’s must-travel-to-eat faves include Sprungli chocolate truffles from Zurich, licorice ice cream from Simmo’s in Margaret River, yuzu macarons from Pierre Hermé’s Tokyo boutique, the lobster club sandwich from Anne Rosenzweig’s Lobster Club restaurant in New York, and the spinach-ricotta pizza from the unfortunately-closed Cip Ciap pizzeria in Venice.

Mine include any ice cream from Berthillon in Paris, pata negra ham from any of Bellota Bellota’s shops, a real Bellini from Harry’s Bar in Venice (I’ll be there in two weeks!), a bistro burger from Corner Bistro in New York, the steamed, stuffed leek starter at Le Cinq in Paris, the truffled egg pasta dish at Buon Ricordo in Sydney, the poached egg with soft polenta dish at The Botanical in Melbourne, and a bottle of Ottokringer dark beer from Austria.

But enough of what I’d travel the world to eat or drink. What about you? I’d love to know what you crave. Feel free to let me (and everyone else) know by posting it in the comments section below.

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12 May 2005


Wow, my first time here, the cravings are extensive and far reaching. They’re from all over the world! I dont have the luxury to travel the world but here’s what i can come up with. The famous Xiao Long Bao at Shanghai, Unagi at some alley in Tokyo, Ramen near the hotel i was staying at in Shinjuku (Tokyo), Gelato at Ill Freddo Melbourne, Martabak (Indonesian styled chocolate pancake) anywhere in Indonesia.

I’m really horrible with the places names, i just remember how to get there. I can name but alot of great food in Melb and Indonesia, but these are the ones worth travelling for

Berthillon is perfect in every way, but the fraise des bois is my favourite.

And when I’m in Antwerp, I have to treat myself to a box of pralines from Burie chocolatier. Fine, artisanale chocolates made on premises. Couldn’t ask for better.

Hi Cour Marly,

The fraise des bois is delicious. If I had to pick one flavour that always overwhelms me, it would be the cassis.

I love your pictures!Being in UK, all I miss is Singapore food. I can't be bothered about food around the world when all I crave for is my grandma's chilli crab or the chicken rice at margaret drive.

Anything and everything from Ferran Adria’s El Bulli in Girona, Spain.

Made a reservation for 2007. Hahaha! Sounds ridiculous I know.

– Est

Fortunately (or not) I have not travelled too extensively so I only have 1)authentic pork broth ramen from Japan, and 2) generous servings of gelato from Italy on my must-travel-to-eat list.

That is possibly the most elegant photo of tau sah piah I’ve ever seen.

To add to the list, oysters from Loch Fyne (on the west coast of Scotland), langoustines from Skye (Western Isles, Scotland again), waffles from any street stall in Belgium/Holland, roast duck in London, and chilli crab on East Coast Road (not been in over 10 years).

Hmmm, my mind is running absolutely wild!! OK, let’s see: pizzas at Cornuti Al Mare in Pettenberg Bay, South Africa (their bresaola, pear and Gorgonzola pizza leaves me speechless); the pigeon and foie gras dish I had at Hugo’s in Berlin (heaven on a plate); the Valrhona chocolate brownies at The Place Below in London; and the melange coffe with Breugheltorte I had at the Kunsthistorische Museum in Vienna in 1995. Oh, and the salmon ravioli in a creamy salmon sauce we had 2 nights in a row at a tiny Italian restaurant in Riqewihr in Alsace 🙂

Hi Jeanne,

Some amazingly delicious sounding faves. Sounds like I have a lot more travelling I need to do.

Wow all these lists sounf fantastic. BTW where is The Botanical? I’m in Melbourne now and I’d love it if you could recommend some places for me to tryout.

My list includes yumcha dishes at Taipan in Melbourne, san choi bow at The Flower Drum( Melbourne), crab bee hoon soup at Crab restaurant in Tiong Bahru, bakso (meatballs) from Jakarta, avocado ice blend( also from Indonesia) and chicken rice from Malacca.

Botanical is at 169 Domain Rd, South Yarra. Tel: 98207888. I would highly recommend Yu’u, 137 Flinders Lane, tel: 96397073, and Momo, Basement, 115 Collins Street, tel: 96500660. Yu’u is awesome and affordable Japanese. Momo is Greg Malouf’s amazing Middle Eastern restaurant. Have a great trip.

Thanks so much for your recommendations! Will definitely try them out especially since some of them are fairly close to where I stay.

Hi Chubby Hubby, I will be going to Perth and Margaret River next week. Besides Simmo’s and Cape Grace(both of which I will definitely visit), are there any other restaurants/vineyards which I die-die must try?

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