Foie gras scrambled eggs & other favourite breakfast items in Hong Kong

Cafe Landmark Hong Kong One of the things I’ve enjoyed most during my days as a freelance consultant is having leisurely breakfasts (and pastries) anywhere and everywhere, toting my trusty companion of a Macbook Air (super light and pain free for running around Hong Kong with) along. I’d choose a new interesting looking spot to try out, or head for a regular cafe, and spend a couple of lovely hours working and munching, or just reading away.

After having numerous breakfast meals at many a venue in the last months, these have emerged as my favourite breakfast must-eats:

Chocolate chip pancakes at Wagyu Lounge
Hong Kong’s ever-escalating rents means that many restaurants open for breakfast on weekdays, and also offer a slightly different brunch menu on weekends. For us greedy and hungry folks it means that a full, hearty and substantial breakfast can be had in many places from as early as 7am. Wagyu Lounge offers such a menu, including the classic bacon, sausage and eggs plate, omelettes and french toast. I skip all that and zoom right into the yummy chocolate chip thick pancake stack that arrives with the chocolate chunks nice and melted, served with vanilla ice cream – nothing like ice cream to start the day with, I say.

Foie gras scrambled eggs at Cafe Landmark
The pièce de résistance of this post is the foie gras scrambled eggs at Cafe Landmark at the Landmark. I’ve often walked by Cafe Landmark, and notice it’s always quite busy, especially during weekday lunches, and decided to give breakfast a go one day. And oh boy, now I have to physically stop myself from running there every chance possible. The scrambled eggs foie gras comes with a choice of either full egg or just egg whites. I have been slightly tempted to try the egg white from a health perspective – but heck, it’s already foie gras, and the breakfast is accompanied by a flaky, buttery croissant as well (choose between that or boring brown/white bread, the choice is clear). The yellow pillows of eggs are done just right, with a just-right runny fluffiness – and generous chunks of foie gras . It all sits pretty on a slice of buttered toast. Have the toast with the egg and foie gras, it all goes very well together.

As a sidenote, service is attentive and prompt, something one should never take for granted.

bfast montage Scrambled egg sandwich at Australian Dairy Co
Australian Dairy Co really needs no introduction, and it’s worth the hype – there is often a queue but it moves quickly. The scrambled eggs in a sandwich with ham or on its own is its signature item and is just fabulous.. This isn’t a place to linger though – it’s best for a quick, satisfying breakfast with a cup of the hot milk tea.

Croque Madame at Classified
I’ve previously talked about Classified as a favourite spot for a casual meal, and have also mentioned the croque madame. It remains one of my firm favourites, with Gruyere cheese and ham sandwiched between large slices of toasted wheat bread, topped with a runny egg and served with a crisp salad. If you’re really famished, I’d suggest a slice of their fab carrot walnut cake afterwards – I love having dessert at breakfast.

Cranberry scone at LGB 
This was a fairly recent discovery, I particularly like the LHT Tower branch because it’s usually quiet and has free wi-fi. To my delight, the lovely warm scone comes served with real clotted cream and nice strawberry jam. Actually, even on its own, the scone somehow already has a rich creaminess. A pot of caramel or breakfast tea is the perfect accompaniment.

Two other noteworthy mentions that must be made – one is Starbucks. With many stores around Hong Kong, and several to choose from in Central alone, I’m often at a Starbucks because of their many wall electrical outlets (really handy for ensuring the notebook never runs out of juice) and their very decent assortment of breakfast items such as the egg white ciabatta, wraps, danishes and muffins (the selection changes every couple of months). I particularly like the Alexandra House branch, which is newly renovated and huge, and yet somehow always packed with the bustle of busy people. The Prosperity Tower branch for the large windows that let in lots of natural light is another one I frequent.

And of course, last of all, there is breakfast while working at home, with my new favourite obsession (and that of many others around the world) – the Speculoos Crunchy Cookie Butter that I’d serendipitously brought back from a Trader Joe’s in Portland. I spread it thickly on warm, fluffy, thick white toast (at least 3cm thick, this is paramount) and it’s utterly addictive. My friends S and BB are also obsessed with it, and they tell me that having it with chilled bananas is the bee’s knees. Keeping my fingers crossed that one of the more enterprising supermarkets will bring this spectacular Speculoos spread to Hong Kong very soon.

Cafe Landmark
107-108,1/F, Landmark
Central, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2526 4200

Classified (several branches)
Shop 313, 3/F Exchange Square Podium 8 Connaught Place
Central, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2147 3454

Wagyu Lounge
LG/F, Hollywood Commercial House 3-5 Old Bailey St.
Central, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2522 1438

Retail 2, 1st Floor
LHT Tower
31 Queen’s Road Central
Central, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2522 4000

Starbucks (numerous stores)
Shop 201, 2/F, Alexandra House
Alexandra House
Central, Hong Kong


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