Grüß’ Gott

Einspanner at Cafe Hawelka
photo taken on a Dopod 818pro smartphone (hence the crapiness of the image)

Greetings from Vienna. I’m almost at the end of a 10 day (working) trip to Europe. The first half of this trip was spent in Venice, a city that I’ve been fortunate enough to have been to 4 times in the last 18 months. The second half of the trip has been to Vienna, a city that I totally adore and was lucky enough to have lived in for a month while taking an intensive German course way back in 1994.

I’ll update on both cities later this week. Truth to tell, I don’t have that much to say about Venice that I haven’t said before. The only really new experiences this time around were a dinner at an excellent steakhouse and a stay at a fantastic (classic) hotel. Vienna, however, has been both a nostalgiac trip and one of discovery. It’s my first time back since a short 2 day visit in 1997. Further, twelve years ago, as a student, there were so many things I couldn’t afford to do (like eat at Steirereck). Lastly, my lovely wife S flew in to join me for a few additional vacation days, which have been wonderful. Over the past few days, we’ve tried several versions of Sacher Torte and Wiener Schnitzel (S has been on a quest to find the best of both), had Vienna’s most famous Tafelspitz, had a gloriously inspired meal at Steirereck (way, way better than Gordon Ramsay), have drunk countless kinds of coffee, wine and beer, and have checked out 3 different hotels (one of which sucked big time). All of which I’ll write about when we get back to Singapore later this week. Servus!

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