Einspanner at Cafe Hawelka
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Greetings from Vienna. I’m almost at the end of a 10 day (working) trip to Europe. The first half of this trip was spent in Venice, a city that I’ve been fortunate enough to have been to 4 times in the last 18 months. The second half of the trip has been to Vienna, a city that I totally adore and was lucky enough to have lived in for a month while taking an intensive German course way back in 1994.

I’ll update on both cities later this week. Truth to tell, I don’t have that much to say about Venice that I haven’t said before. The only really new experiences this time around were a dinner at an excellent steakhouse and a stay at a fantastic (classic) hotel. Vienna, however, has been both a nostalgiac trip and one of discovery. It’s my first time back since a short 2 day visit in 1997. Further, twelve years ago, as a student, there were so many things I couldn’t afford to do (like eat at Steirereck). Lastly, my lovely wife S flew in to join me for a few additional vacation days, which have been wonderful. Over the past few days, we’ve tried several versions of Sacher Torte and Wiener Schnitzel (S has been on a quest to find the best of both), had Vienna’s most famous Tafelspitz, had a gloriously inspired meal at Steirereck (way, way better than Gordon Ramsay), have drunk countless kinds of coffee, wine and beer, and have checked out 3 different hotels (one of which sucked big time). All of which I’ll write about when we get back to Singapore later this week. Servus!

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10 April 2006


I’m curious to know which places you visited, because I’m originally from Vienna. Don’t want to leave a picky impression, but you misspelled your headline, it’s “Grüß’ Gott” instead of “Grusse Gott”.

Are you going to be stopping by Berlin by any chance? I’d love to show you around– it’s not all sausage and sauerkraut!

Sound’s like you’re having a fantastic time!!!

I adore Sacher Torte and Wiener Schnitzel.

We really hope to go and visit Vienna sometime soon.

I see S reading the Vuitton city guides in the background. Do you recommend them? I love reading the luxe guide series for Asia (some of the recommendations are off the mark tho’ but the tone is fun/Priscilla Desert Queen/Campy Aussie). Also found this new travel series What to Wear in Milan – not bad, and years ago, I happened upon this great travel guide to Barcelona where the restos, hotels, shopping et al were edited from a design/architecturally-worthy perspective.
So difficult to find just the right travel guides that feature places and experiences that I’d truly enjoy.

very very jealous! i’ve never been to europe but you’ve already been several times. can’t wait to hear a full report on vienna!

Hi Chubs! Heard bout your blog from a friend.
Readin your entry about Venice brought back memories of my honeymoon in Dec. Just went to the launch party of the new burger joint, Uberburger, Millenia Walk. Good stuff. Check out their Wahgyu Burger ($101). I’m curious bout it…(it wasn’t served at party today) so will be having it soon the next time I visit. 🙂

How nice that the lovely S was about to join you on your trip – working on not, it must be a lovely springtime sojurn. Looking forward reading about it all; until then enjoy yourselves!

I’m so jealous, Venice is so nice in the spring before it is invaded with hoards of tourists and day trippers.

I’ve actually never been to Vienna but am very partial to wiener schnitzel, especially the one at the wolsley.

Looking forwards to hearing all about the trip

How jealous am I … let me count the ways … you’re in Vienna and you’ve been to Venice 4 times in the last year!


But thanks for bringing Vienna to life in your post for those of us that have never been!

Katharina: Thanks. I know, but I couldn’t figure out how to make the”üß” on my keyboard (just copied and pasted it from you). Cheers.

Kierra: 🙂

Khaokhaprowmoo: mmmmm…. import, export, bit of this, bit of that. hah hah… actually, I work in the art world.

Philoserine: No time, but my colleague (who met me in Venice) was just in Berlin for a few meetings.

Pamela: I love Sacher Torte and Schnitzel also. Can’t wait to start making my own (of both).

Matt: Hopefully, up by Friday.

Kat: Hi, yah, I do recommend them. But not as the only guide. For Vienna, we had the DK Eyewitness Guide, the Time Out Guide to Vienna and the LV guide. A bit nuts I know, but S and I like cross-referencing guides. LV is fantastic for finding hotels (yes, even moderately priced ones) and shops. I’ve made amazing discoveries in both categories in multiple cities using this beautifully designed series.

J.: You should definitely go to Vienna once in your life. It’s a gorgeous city with great food and if you like antiquing, it’s heaven!

Jamie: Thanks. In fact, after having landed back in town at 430pm, my wife and I went to Uberburger for a snack. So-so, I would say. I’ll have to try it again before giving it a proper review.

Tara: It was great having S with me and showing her a city I adore.

Gastrochick: Unfortunately, with Mozart’s 250th birthday coming up, the tourists are already there. Weather was wacky though. One day it was sunny and warm, the next, raining, cold and snowing just 30 minutes outside of the city.

You must, must go to Vienna if for no other reasons than to visit Weiner Werkstatte, the coolest silversmith/flatware maker, and eat at Steirereck, whose food blew me away.

ivonne: It’s been a good year.

Cannes: Oh cool. What were your favorite places in Vienna?

Would be interested to know the classic hotel that you stayed in Venice, as I am planning to be there next month.

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