Greetings from Catalonia! S and I have been in Spain for 3 days. We spent the first two in Barcelona. Today, we drove to Girona for lunch and are currently spending the night at a cool bio-organic farm stay in Joanetes. Tomorrow, we’ll be heading to Rosas, where we’ll spend the night and dine with friends at El Bulli. After that, we have one last night in Barcelona before heading back home.

It’s been a crazy trip so far. We’ve been stuffing ourselves silly. Once we get back from the trip, I’ll post a full report. For now though, I thought I’d just post a little appetizer. Enjoy.

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21 May 2008


Wah are you guys getting ripped off for your pata negra? I’m pretty sure most of the stuff I found when I was in both madrid and barca didn’t cost anywhere near that much!

ooh jamon iberico bellota?! my heart flutters. i once ordered some delicious lomo iberico bellota from la tienda once it became legal but having the real real deal is my dream! 🙂 awesome photo.

Can’t wait for your report. We’re going in July but truthfully I am worried I won’t get it. And I haven’t done any homework for Barcelona either.

Are you going to take photos of your food at El Bulli? Please do! So that the rest of us mere mortals can drool. It was nice meeting you and your lovely wife at the NMS Pho talk. I’m a big fan of your blog.

umami, don’t worry. I haven’t yet met anyone who was disappointed on their first trip to El Bulli. The six of us had very high expectations going in, and all were surpassed!

Hi Chubby Hubby,

Your pictures are INSANE! how do you get that effect? it’s like you’ve got the studio lighting going on and a full photoshoot set up!

do share if you can I’d like to give the pictures of the food I take that effect 🙂

Thank you!


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