A number of years back, when I was in Bangkok on an overnight work trip, a good friend there took me out for a magnificent meal at a restaurant I had (at that time) never heard of. She in turn had first visited there as a guest of our mutual friend Chef David Thompson, who had hosted her along with a celebrity chef visiting from London. In the years since, Krua Apsorn has become one of the most celebrated restaurants in the City of Angels, and yet remains to this day one of its most modest and affordable.


Today, Krua Apsorn has four branches. But the one I always go to is the original branch on Samsen Road. And I mean always–Krua Apsorn is one place that I make a point to visit on (almost) every single trip to BKK. If you haven’t gone, you’re in for a real treat. (If you have gone, you’re probably cursing me out under your breath for telling even more foreigners about this already crowded must-visit gastronomic hot spot.)

Krua Apsorn was opened by Chef Chanchavee Skulkant, whom everyone affectionately calls “Paa Daeng”. (Paa in Thai means aunt, i.e she’s called Aunty Daeng. Don’t ask me why she’s called Daeng, I have no idea. I do know that every Thai friend of mine also has a nickname whose origin I can’t quite fathom.) Anyway, Aunty never set out to be a chef. She was actually working at the city’s Irrigation Department when, in 1969, she was elected by her bosses’ wives to cook a meal for the Princess Mother Srinagarindra (mother of the current King Bhumipol Adulyadej) and her daughter, Princess Galayani Vadhana. The royals enjoyed her food so much that she went to work for the Princess Mother until her death in 1995, and after that for Princess Galayani. These days though, Aunty Daeng serves sensational yet simple food to in-the-know locals and visiting foodies.

For me, the two must-have dishes at Krua Apsorn are the “stir-fried crab in curry powder” and the “omelet with crab”. The former, which is pictured at the start of this post. It’s lovely chunks of tender crabmeat sauteed with egg, onions and spring onions in a very mild yellow curry sauce. It’s incredible. The latter is an uber-fluffy globe of egg stuffed with crab. Yeah, I know, two dishes with egg and crab? Indulgent, yes. Monotonous, not at all. The flavours are distinct enough to warrant having both dishes.


Also excellent is the “fried kingfish with mango salad”, pictured above. Nice big hunks of kingfish, tender on the inside and yet crisp on the outside, plated with a tart, tangy, spicy mango salad. Great dish for waking up the palate.

The Samsen branch of Krua Apsorn is located in the old part of Bangkok, near the Dusit Palace. It’s the perfect place to lunch if sightseeing in that area. It’s also not far from Khao San Road (for budget travellers) or The Siam hotel (for luxe types). But even if you’re staying farther away, it’s totally worth visiting Krua Apsorn. Just make sure you get a friend or a concierge to book a table for you, and get proper directions too.

Krua Apsorn

Samsen Road Branch
0-2241-8528, 0-2668-8788
10:30-20:00, closed Sundays

Din So Road Branch
0-2685-4531, 080-5500310
10:30-8:00, closed Sundays

Sanam Bin Nam Branch
0-2967-1733, 081-6851386
10:30-9:00, closed Mondays

Vimanmek Palace Branch
087-0155101, 086-3301996
10:30-4:00, closed Mondays

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19 August 2013


Hey there,
I just wanted to drop a note and say I really like your blog, it’s so nicely designed! I’m going to Bangkok next month and will definitely have to try out this place. I LOVE thai omelettes, I actually talked about it recently in one of my blog posts. Stop by if you’re free 🙂

Hi Aun,

Thanks for the great write up on this restaurant – I love crab omelet and curry and the article made my mouth water. We are transiting through BKK on Mon Dec 9 and have a 10 hour layover – we are planning on heading to Bangkok for lunch and a Thai massage before heading back to the airport for our flight (no sightseeing – we have stayed in Bangkok a few times in the past).

I was planning on hailing an airport cab and asking him to take us to Samsen Road – would that be sufficient to find the restaurant or do we need to provide more specific directions? Also, we should be landing at BKK at 1045a and presumably would be at the restaurant by 12p or so – do you think we need to reserve a table or could we just show up? Finally, do you have any Thai massage that you would recommend near the restaurant? Thanks a bunch for your help, much appreciated!


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