Pantry Basics: Kinako Latte

kinako latte

I recently stumbled upon the joys of kinako latte at a miniscule cafe in Arashiyama, Kyoto called kyo no cha no nagomi. We had stopped to taste their fluffy little squares of fat-free green tea and soy milk cakes (incidentally, our toddler, T adored their strawberry version). And since I was slightly obsessed with tasting matcha lattes on this trip (mostly thanks to my culinary goddess of a sister-in-law’s frequent mentions of how she loves having them at Starbucks in Tokyo), I decided to be adventurous and try a kinako latte. Before I knew it, I was hooked!

Kinako (黄粉) is roasted whole soy flour and has a gorgeously nutty flavour. I really enjoy it in warabi mochi (especially from the stall at Nishiki Market in Kyoto which sells it), in ice cream and sprinkled over Japanese parfaits. Simply a combination of kinako, milk and a touch of sugar, kinako latte contains no coffee and is caffeine free (a boon for expectant mothers trying hard to eliminate caffeine from their diets). It tastes almost like a malted drink; just the thing for a cold Spring morning or a rainy day in the tropics.


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