Rialto Market

It’s been rather odd day, weather-wise, today. It’s been both sunny and dark and cloudy and sunny again. Right now, we’re back to cloudy. It actually looks like it might pour at any moment, which would suck.

I spent the early morning–before work–checking out the market area near Rialto. I can’t describe just how beautiful all the fresh produce here is. Stalls and stalls of the most delicious looking fruits and vegetables, meats and cheeses, and seafood. I wish I had a kitchen here, so I could buy everything and cook it up. The above are just a few quick snaps from the market. Sadly, the only thing I ended up buying was a small basket of fragolini (tiny wild strawberries), which I brought for my colleagues to try.

They were super-sweet and delicious. Wonderful eaten as they were, I couldn’t help but close my eyes and thick of a dozen different ways to incorporate them into pastries and other desserts.

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  1. eatzycath 7 June 2005

    Wow, what an incredible photo – the overcast sky may have been a downer that morning BUT the photo-effect is just pure magic! Have been following your blog – your photos are really really good!

  2. Sascha 8 June 2005

    You've got to buy some garlic home and try making some pesto with it.

  3. andrian martin domin 8 June 2005

    i second that

  4. Marion 9 June 2005

    Wow, those are wonderful images and make me want to travel to Italy like NOW!

  5. brando 9 June 2005

    that garlic does look incredible; what about some aioli too, sasch?

  6. keiko 10 June 2005

    I'm glad/jealous you're having a great time… stunning pictures as always.

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