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I haven’t been blogging for a bit because I’m in Macau all this week, helping to manage a corporate retreat for a client. That means that while I’m in a place with some pretty awesome food, most of my meals are being taken at odd hours and in my hotel room. Not that I’m complaining. The Wynn Macau has really impressed me with its room service menu. One of my colleagues is totally addicted to the lamb kofta. While I liked it, I wasn’t as blown away by it as she was. So far, I’ve tried the “fire cracker prawns in yellow coconut curry” and the “three mini burgers with fries” off the kids’ menu. Another colleague devoured the chocolate cherry cake, served with vanilla ice cream” and another still sang the praises of the roasted turkey club. I have to say that the club sandwich looked fantastic.

The mini burgers were great. There was a mushroom burger, a cheeseburger and a plain one. The tiny patties were juicy and tasty. Each was served with a nice, buttery, toasted brioche. I’ve been trying to decide if I should just live on these for the next two and a half days or try out some of the menu’s other options.

One thing I know I want to try is the hotel’s “hand-crafted ice cream”. I may even order some later tonight. I have to receive 2 guests at 2am, so I’ll be up for a while and I suspect I may get a little hungry.

So, what’s the best room service (in a hotel) you’ve ever had?

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9 November 2006


the best room service i’ve ever had? well… it would probably be those buffalo wings with blue cheese dressing i had at the Marriot in Kong Kong when i was 10 hehe. 10 years later and i still remember them!

I’ll be in Macau tomorrow! What are the restaurants there you would suggest? I read about Fernando’s and that’s it.What about breakfast places?

David: Heh… yah, I wish we could order room service from the George V in Paris!

Nikita: Sounds like an awesome late night snack. Yum.

Ana: Cool. You must book a table at A Lorcha; awesome Portuguese food, especially the seafood. Fernando’s is slightly over-rated. Splurge on a set lunch at Galera a Robuchon at the Lisboa Hotel. I’m also told there is an awesome restaurant here called Sai Nam. Haven’t tried it yet but totally trust the guys who recommended it. There are some cute cafes near Senado Sq you can have brekkie in.

Ladylee: Sure. Thanks for hopping over.

Best one for me was at Uma Ubud, Bali. They had a breezy Aussie-style menu with healthy and decadent options alike. Beautifully done, as you would expect from a Como hotel.


Nice to hear your in Macau! Hope you’re having fun. I highly recommend an authentic Portuguese, Macanese restaurant called ‘Galo’ in Taipa Village. Galo is the Portuguese word for ‘Rooster’ and guess what, the Chinese name for the restaurant is also called ‘公雞’ [I kinda assume you know Chinese].

Its menu is filled with photographs of each dish. When last time I was in Macau I had the beef kebab on a iron spit & it’s got a great chargrilled flavour and tender meat. The waitress squeezes an orange’s juice on to the meat just before serving and it makes a fantastic sauce. The buns are also great, crispy out and soft in, excellent for dipping into sauces and the juices from the kebab.

Well I’m not sure if you’ve already been there, but if not the trip to Taipa Island to dine at Galo is completely worth it.

Rua dos Clérigos, 45
Taipa Village, Taipa Island, Macau

PS: It’s absolutely non-touristy (in the best way possible) and you can find a ton of reviews for it just by searching ‘galo restaurant macau’, all positive of course.

Best room service food I ever had was at the Covent Garden Hotel in London. It was just freshly brewed tea (in a proper tea egg, no bags) some freshly squeezed orange juice, and a bowl of porridge made with cream and topped with brown sugar and a few physallis. Sometimes its nice when a hotel just does simple things well.

Anyone who has ever ordered a room service burger at a Hilton will know how good hotels are at destroying what should really be a fairly easy dish to pull off…

That’s some very nice looking burgers u got there!
I totally love looking at the room service menu. I think room service is one of the best things in hospitality it just tends to make me feel pampered

Hey chubby hubby,

if you ever run out of ideas for this awesome blog, would you consider doing a write-up on places in singapore where lazy lardbums can get good quality groceries such freshly made pasta and pasta sauce, toxin-free fish, organic meat, fresh bread (simply bread?) and diff to find produce that one might need on the rare occasion one chooses to open a cookbook.

thanks a million!

best room service i ever had was at the Swissotel (Swisshotel?) Lima, Peru.

that had this amazing chef’s salad, avacadoes, grilled chicken, sirloin strips, prawns, rocket, with a raspberry vinaigrette. amazing.

and their seafood risotto? wow. very fresh, very rich.

the burgers look really cute though! a little sparse on the mushrooms though heh.

i guess the best i ever had was in vienna, at the hotel “das triest”. we had decided to stay there on a pretty stormy Christmas Eve, worried that road conditions the next morning might make it impossible for us to catch our plane to sydney.
after looking for somewhere to eat in the city for hours (christmas eve is the main celebration for austrians and therefore most restaurants are closed) we ended up in our hotel room frozen stiff – and the wiener schnitzel we ordered was the best i’ve ever had… but i guess i would have salivated over a shoe sole by then 😉

Dear Anon,

Yeah, I now have someone to support my argument. I’ve proposed to CH that we create a section where we can offer shopping listings for good quality groceries and hard to find cooking equipment.

Dear S,
Can I 2nd and 3rd that? A major part of my frustration with cooking in Singapore is searching for and trawling around town for the ingredients. Pedant in me gets very anxious if I am missing 1 or 2 ingredients. I would really welcome help and advice on finding good produce and meat.

I had an unforgettably nice ham sandwich at the altis park in lisbon (note there are 2 hotels with the name altis innit, Hotel Altis & Altis Park), wash it down with a nice cup of their house brew

i completely agree with ‘s’.
(i suppose that would make me ‘4thing and 5thing your sentiment)

i’m forever cracking my head over to find certain ingredients. or even really good quality balsamic vingear for example. (the really aged kind that costs in the realm of three digits)

i’m forever getting told oh here and there but i always get there and end up disappointed.

Hmm, those mini-burgers look great! And I like the fact that you get a selection of three. The best room service I have had was the breakfast at the Four Seasons in Atlanta. I had been sent there by my employer at the time on a whirlwind mission from London – just one night. The following morning I decided to treat myself to room service. I can’t remember what exactly it was (this was 6 years ago), but I do recall a trolley bearing a fresh flower and a silver cloche, excellent bacon, freshly squeezed orange juice and delicious hot chocolate. All enjoyed while sitting in bed in my snuggly white robe. Sigh.

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