Season’s Greetings

Merry Christmas everyone! My tired yet still sexy wife S and I are back from a crazy trip. We went off to Venice for a week, to attend two very close friends’ wedding, as well as to revisit some favourite eating places (plus a few new ones). If you’ve been watching the news the past week, you know that Europe has been experiencing some of the craziest weather in recent history. The day our friends got married, Venice was covered in snow. It was staggeringly beautiful. After which, when we tried to get home, it became staggeringly annoying as our plane from Venice to Paris was stuck on the tarmac for hours as we waited for the runways to be plowed and the plane’s wings to be de-iced. By the time we got to Paris, it was well past midnight and we had missed our connecting flight home and had to spend the next 22 hours in Paris. Of course, we made the most of it and tried like mad to pack in a full French vacation into just one crazy day.

We have loads of photos to share, plus some other posts we’ve been working on. I hope to spend a good part of the holidays updating the blog. So stay tuned and happy holidays.

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