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Yesterday afternoon, I had the great pleasure of attending the local (Singapore) launch of the Singapore International Culinary Exchange (SPICE for short) and the unveiling of the Singapore Takeout. The Singapore Takeout is a custom-fabricated shipping container that, with the push of a button, transforms into a pop-up kitchen. This flying kitchen has been engineered so that it can be used for both demonstrations as well as a proper, working pop-up restaurant kitchen.

Singapore Takeout will feature some of Singapore’s current crop of top chefs as well as our very best food products. The Takeout leaves our shores next week, setting sail for London. From there, it will travel to Paris, Moscow, New York, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Delhi, Dubai, and Sydney. The chefs representing Singapore include (as pictured from left to right at the top photo of this post) Andre Chiang, Haikal Johari, Malcolm Lee, Benjamin Seck, Janice Wong, Willin Low, Ryan Clift, Armin Leitgeb, and the team from Iggy’s (represented by Ignatius Chan in the photo). In most of the destinations, one or more of each city’s celebrity chefs will be asked to work alongside our local chefs. Each pop-up event will last 3 days, during which the paired chefs will serve up amazing Singapore-inspired dishes at private and public events, as well as conduct demonstrations and workshops.

Now, before I go any further, however, I should disclose a wee bit of information. Which is that a good part of my enthusiasm is because I’ve been personally involved with this project for almost a year now. The integrated communications agency I co-own, Ate, is managing the SPICE campaign for the Singapore Tourism Board, ieSingapore, and SPRING. So, obviously, this project is something that I’m actually working on — as opposed to just enthusiastically blogging about.

The event yesterday was a load of fun. Many of the country’s top chefs, restaurateurs, food manufacturers, and journalists came by. Ms Aw Kah Peng, Chief Executive of STB, and her peers from the other agencies, officially launched the Takeout. And to break it in, we asked Chef Janice Wong, who will be representing Singapore on the Takeout’s stopover in London this coming June, to dish up some awesome Modern Singaporean treats, like her fabulous lemongrass infused laksa dumplings; some really out of this world chocolate, foie gras and pork xiao long bao; and a cool reinterpretation of ice kachang.

Tonight, the Takeout is open to the public. And while many of you might be reading this a bit late to head down to Clifford Square, I can only say that it should be a great evening. Janice is serving up the same Mod Sin dishes she served the VIPs yesterday. For those interested in running over right away, the event is taking place between 7pm-10pm at Clifford Square.

And for all my readers overseas, hopefully, you’ll get to see the Takeout in the flesh sometime soon. And if all goes well, this sneak peak of Singapore’s best and brightest chefs and foods will just make you want to see and taste more from our shores.

To follow the Takeout and to get more info on SPICE, please check out the Singapore Eats Facebook page.

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  1. Teri Y 2 May 2011

    This is such a fantastic idea. Are there future plans for expanding the list of cities? Hope it makes it to Chicago!

  2. Jayson James 4 May 2011

    I just love the idea of Take Out. It brings more possibility for the world to try and taste what establishments can offer. Can’t wait to see on the road. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Gillian Kemmerer 8 May 2011

    Wow! I remember trying to figure out how to ship this thing around the world back when it was only an idea. Now it’s real and it looks AMAZING!! Hope to see it in Manhattan soon, along with the rest of Ate 🙂

  4. Greedy Rosie 10 May 2011

    Wow, that seems like something I’d definitely be interested in when it comes to London. Will deserve a special trip I think

  5. Teri Su 17 May 2011

    Would love to see this happening in London! There are a lot of pop-up scenes here during summer, you would get a great turnout!

  6. Lynn L 18 June 2011

    I visited the one in London and the lemongrass infused laksa was pretty good! I was only entitled to 2 choices of takeaways and I wished could have gone back for more!

  7. Chubby Hubby 18 June 2011

    Lynn L, you should have just gotten back in line for more vouchers. You could have had seconds and even thirds. It was just that we had to serve people a maximum of 2 dishes at a time.

  8. Heidi Richards Mooney 21 July 2011

    I found your blog when reading the Times Online 50 Food Bloggers and thought I’d check it out. Since you are a Foodie, I thought I’d see if you would be interested in an Appetizer Contest?
    One of my clients is hosting a Recipe Contest at BigChef Online and you may want to check it out: It would be great to include a few Asian Appetizers in the mix!

    Thanks again, Keep on Stirring…. and sharing

    Heidi Richards Mooney, Redhead Marketing, Inc

  9. Divya Yadava 28 July 2011

    Sounds like a really unique concept. Too bad I can’t try this :(.

  10. PT 13 October 2011

    Hi, I want to go to this in Hong Kong when it comes round in November, but I can’t seem to find any info about where it will be, and how i can book spots at any of their events? Any insight as to how this all works? Thanks

  11. Samuel 13 January 2017


    I like the concept of Pop-Up Shipping Container Restaurant very much… can i ask if you know the supplier/manufacturer of the containers for the event?


    • Aun 31 January 2017 — Post Author

      We had it manufactured by a company called Shelter based in Singapore.

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