Quite a few months ago, I read about a couple of young guys who started a web and phone based local (hawker) food delivery service. Because most of the delivery services that I’ve tested here in Singapore have been unimpressive (cold food, high prices, etc), I wrote down Dabao.sg‘s web address and phone number but never bothered to try them out. Then, a few weeks ago, a friend with a keen interest in food admitted that he’s been using Dabao.sg with pretty good results. He said that the food they procured was both good — obviously, they invest time finding well-reputed and popular hawker stalls from which to buy their food — and, equally important, it’s served hot. He said that his wife was partial to their oyster omelette. He liked their beef hor fun, reportedly bought from the famous beef hor fun coffee shop on Geylang Lorong 9.

S and I have since ordered from Dabao.sg twice. The first time we took our friend’s advice and tried the oyster omelette and beef hor fun. Both were excellent. Tonight, we tried beef fried rice and century egg porridge. The former was good. Unfortunately, the latter could have been considerably better; it was a tad too watery and quite bland. But, 3 out of 4 is pretty good. I’m pretty impressed with Dabao.sg. I especially like that getting hawker favourites delivered to my door is as simple as sending 1 text message from my handphone. Delivery is pretty swift; both times the food came within 45 minutes. And as my friend reported, the food came hot.

But don’t take my word for it. Try it for yourself.

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13 November 2006


Well,I don’t know about overseas service but in Singapore I have to say that it’s been the worst delivery experience I have ever had in my whole life in every country I have ever lived in!!!!!!!!.Maybe Mr. Chubby Hubby was very lucky,or,maybe,they knew he had a “net blog”,but,not too considered either flashy,for us,simple people,that just wanted to ordered some food.
Feel free to try it;just don’t regret after.
Thanks a lot for the advice Mr.Chubby Hubby.Great experience!!!!!!

Hungry: That sucks. Sorry it wasn’t a good experience. Honestly, the times I have used them, I had great service and the food was good. Maybe I got lucky or you called on a bad night. (And no, I would never be so stupid or vain as to try and talk about my blog while doing something as ordinary as ordering some food.)

Dear CH. I am impressed by your diplomatism. It must terribly annoying having people tell you that the only reason that you receive good service or great food is because you have a famous food blog. Do they really belive that you start all your sentence with “Hi. I am Chubby Hubby. The famous food blogger.” If you did, would probably be murdered by all the irritated people.

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