This afternoon, 12 of Singapore’s food bloggers (and one newspaper reporter) got together for a rather delicious lunch. For many of us, it was the very first time we had ever met (and as the only guy in the group, I felt both excited and slightly nervous). We gathered at Mag’s Wine Kitchen, a wonderful little restaurant that I’ve written about before. Owned and operated by a self-trained chef (Mag), Mag’s has become a local favourite among French food fans. For this first food bloggers lunch, Mag’s prepped an amazing 5 course lunch.

The meal, I have to say, was partly sponsored by Veuve Clicquot, who very generously gave us several bottles of their Rich Reserve 1998. The wine was crisp, delicious and perfect for this celebratory gathering. It was extremely kind of Veuve to sponsor this gathering, and I hope it is not the last partnership between our nation’s food bloggers and this historic Champagne brand.

The meal started with Grilled Belly of Swordfish with Pickled Fennel.

This was followed by Seared Sea Scallop served with a Soy Mirin Dressing.

Next was a Smoked Duck with Arugula.

Our last main course was a truly amazing dish of Seared Beef Tenderloin Slices served with Buttered Spinach, Caramelized Baby Carrots and Veal Jus. Dessert was a Crème Caramel (which while tasty, I felt wasn’t all that photogenic).

I have to say that Mag really pulled out all the stops for us. The meal was truly delicious!

In addition to Veuve Clicquot, our meal was also sponsored by BATS Singapore, the importers of such amazing kitchen products as Staub and Chroma. Sebastian (, the man behind this great distributorship, kindly gave each of us a goodie bag with a Staub spatula, a little stuffed toy (of the Staub mascot), and some Staub and Chroma brochures. But, more excitingly, he donated 4 amazing lucky draw items, a Staub Chocolate Fondue Set, a Chroma P4 Chef’s Knife, a Staub 28cm oval dish, and a Staub 22cm cocotte. You can see the pix above of the very happy bloggers who won these truly super prizes. Many thanks to Sebastian and BATS Singapore for their generosity and support of our local food bloggers.

In all, it was a great (long) lunch. It was great to finally put faces to the people whose blogs I’ve been reading and enjoying for quite a while now.

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Aun has always loved food and travel, passions passed down to him from his parents. This foundation, plus a background in media, pushed him to start Chubby Hubby in 2005. He loves that this site allows him to write about the things he adores--food, style, travel, his wife and his three kids!


21 July 2005


wow… wish i cld hv been there. but working in the north boondocks meant i cldn’t make it down… save some bats prizes for me the next time!

Wow, looked like a super fun time you all had. The food looks fantastic and the pressies plus those large grins even look better.

Well I was going to start this comment by saying “wow,” but it looks like everybody else already did that. Certainly was my reaction! What an amazing lunch. And Veuve Clicquot to wash it all down? Can’t beat that! Just linked here for the first time from Looking forward to reading more of your posts.

OMG. Now that’s what I call a flogger’s lunch!

Amazing-looking forward and fab shots as usual. Green with envy!

hey chub hub, i’m curious about who and how this was organized. i’m impressed by the sponsors and the restaurant’s participation. can you tell us a little about the legwork involved in putting such an impressive event together? thank you!

This is so excellent! I came here to look at the pics becaue I read Eatzybitzy’s blog from time to time.
Wonderful pictures too. Everything looks like on Food TV

Spots: Yah, sorry you missed it. Next time!

Boo: It was a great time, and, yah, gifts heloed.

Farmgirl: Thanks for visiting!

Saffron: Hi, the list included Cheryl from The Baker Who Cooks, J from Kuidaore, Julia of Aromacookery, Daphne of Kitchen Crazy Daffy, Joan of Dim Sum Dolly, ST of Cheat Eat, SH of Umami, Catherine of EatzyBitzy, Nicole of Como Quieras, June of Nibble Scribble and Gwenda of The Adventure of the Tastebuds. For links to all their sites, you an go to, where Cheryl has posted everyones’ URLs.

Augustus: It was fab! Thanks.

Eddie: June from Nibble & Scribble suggested that we do this to me and Gwenda from TAOTT. June and Gwenda handled the emailers, annoucements and RSVPs while I arranged the menu with Mag. Because of my last job (in the magazine world), I’m lucky enough to have some friends working with or for various lifestyle brands. I asked the PR guys representing Veuve if they’d be willing to offer us some bubbly, and likewise asked BATS if they’d be interested in donating prizes and/or goodie bags. Of course, I mentioned the reach of our collected food blogs and said it would be great viral marketing (said the same thing to Mag to get our huge menu at a reasonable price) that would reach their own targetted audiences. Both brands were daring enough to take the risk and help us out.

Junebee: Thanks so very much.

HI S and Chubbyhubby,
5 girlfriends and I had a Friends who read CH blog tunch. We had it last Saturday together with the LOST marathon on the telly.
Purpose of the lunch was to try to create I say try cos its our first time trying out some of the recipes and ideas.
We had Bellinis to start, a salad with salsa and very rare strips of wagyu beef, codfish in green curry and Marge made minty chocolate ice cream. Shes the one with the super duper ice cream maker. Somewhere in the middle of LOST we had Banana cake and chai tea.Luckily we made extra cake cos when the sons came back from soccer practice it was just the thing to tide them over till dinner.
Thanks S and CH for giving us ideas and lovely lovely recipes that you have tried out. Keep up with the great blogs!

hi CH – thank you once again for the wonderful job done in organizing the floggers lunch, it was a pity that we didn’t really have much opportunity to spend more time together being on opposite ends of the table – cheers till the next time!

Diva: Hi, I use a Nikon D70 as well as a Contax i4R when trying to be inconspicuous.

Saffron: 🙂

Ironabrown: That’s so awesome. I feel so honored. Both S and I are so very glad that we could offer a little inspiration for your culinary pleasures. Thank you so very much for reading.

Chin Ru: It was a very fun lunch. Nice blog, by the way. 🙂

Cath: Yah, we must do this again soon. Great meeting you and this time we can try to sit closer together.

I’m a regular lurker on many Singapore food blogs (there are so many) even though I live nowhere near any of you (NYC). I’m very impressed and envious of your well organized food bloggers lunch. Wow.

I’ll be in Singapore in Sept. and can’t wait to check out places I’ve been reading about on this blog and others.

if only i’ve discovered your site before i was home last month in malaysia for holiday… could have picked up a few tips of where to eat in singapore, although i have to say, any hawker centre there served me well…

missing the south east asia local food already…

That looks so great! Your photos are fabulicious as always. Lunch sounds like fun – isn’t it great meeting other food bloggers for the first time? We are about to have our third UK foodblogger meet and I’m sure there will be more – great bunch of people!

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