Author: Celine Tan

Celine Tan is a sharp talker who loves food wholeheartedly. She will eat all things yummy—save for chocolate--but her ultimate happiness is a warm and fabulously oozy, no-holds-barred mac & cheese topped with a perfectly crisp gratinated crust fresh out of the oven. Having lived out of a suitcase for most parts of her professional life working with top international brands on their events around the globe and managing several popular fashion brands, Celine has a keen eye for detail, misses nothing, sets uncompromising standards and appreciates the finer things in life, but doesn't take herself too seriously. Follow her as she tries to have her cake and eat it with a shift towards a healthier, fit lifestyle at @celinedoesfit. This doting mom to a fur kid Ginko (a West Highland White Terrier), laughs out loud, lives life to the fullest and has strong selfie game (judge for yourself @mscelinetan).