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Steak haché and a great gift

Ever since S and I first noticed that Isetan, one of the local Japanese supermarkets, began carrying minced wagyu, I’ve been dying to get some and make my own steak haché—which, unless you happen to […]

A box of heaven

A colleague of mine just came back from a business trip to Tokyo. As a favor, I asked him to stop off at Pierre Herme and buy me some macarons. Boy was I delighted when […]

Local food shots

A month or so ago, I landed a great gig to shoot some local food shots for a client. I’m tremendously excited because these shots will be seen by a good part of the local […]

Gianno Basso and a new ostaria

I had a bit of free time today, so a friend—also in town for the Biennale—and I went to visit Gianno Basso. Basso is a bit of a mad genius. He’s a printer and stationer […]

Sponsored Product

A couple of weeks ago, I got an email from a friend of mine. He’s the local distributor for some pretty amazing kitchen-related brands. After seeing my blog—which I had never mentioned to him—written up […]

DIY Sundaes

I love ice cream. Always have, and I suspect, always will. Lately though, I haven’t been eating a lot of it. Trying to eat a slightly more nutritious and healthier diet has meant that ice […]

Cookbooks Meme a la Spiceblog

Couple days ago, Anthony over at Spiceblog shot some of his cookbooks. Like all things on the web, this has kicked off a fun new meme, asking foodies on the web to post pictures of […]

More Places to Eat and Shop

Two great new food shops are up and running in the Lion City. Hediard, the fab French food purveyor has just opened up on Tanglin Road and Bunalun, a super-cool, Irish organic food store has […]

An Hermes Garden Party Brunch

When I was a journalist, part of my job required me to go to a lot of launch parties and receptions. While many of these were fun, the food at most of them was, sadly, […]