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Far-off Food Cravings

I think everyone has certain foods that they’d travel the world for. We all have cravings. And when those food items are in far-off countries, we often crave them even more. My gorgeous greedy friend […]

More Shameless Self-Promotion

Earlier this year, a good friend working in a publishing house emailed me and asked if I’d be interested in contributing to a book on hotels. The book, it turned out, had been commissioned by […]

Chiva Som Part 3

Over the weekend, my wife and I took a Thai Spa Cuisine cooking class at Chiva-Som. It was, for me, an important part of the research I needed to conduct in order to be able […]

Chiva Som Part 2 – Whole Grain Croissants?

Before coming to Chiva-Som, I don’t think I would have ever considered eating a whole grain croissant. And not especially one made with as little butter as possible. The idea alone is off-putting. It sounds […]

Chiva-Som Part 1

Chiva-Som means “haven for life”, and for the well-heeled guests who frequent this gorgeous spa in order to relax, de-stress and detox, that description is perfectly apt. Chiva-Som, located in Hua Hin, Thailand, is one […]

“Work” Trip

I love it when work and pleasure come together. I’m off tomorrow to spend a few days in one of the world’s best spas, Chiva Som, in Hua Hin, Thailand. They’ve asked me to contribute […]

A Great Tea Shop

On my last trip to Paris, walking from one appointment to another, I passed by a gorgeous little tea store. Unable to stop then, I went back later that evening to check out the store […]

My Favourite Ham and Cheese Sandwich

I mentioned in my last post that my last couple of trips to Italy have been to Venice. While that’s true, unfortunately, those trips have been work trips. So, instead of enjoying what many consider […]