Editorial Policy

Chubby Hubby’s mission is to deliver fresh, inspiring, exciting and original content about great food, noteworthy restaurants, interesting culinary trends, and gourmet-related travel, style and luxury to a global audience of foodies, travel junkies, media enthusiasts, and stylistas.

Chubby Hubby tries to operate as a truly independent and trustworthy editorial product. To ensure this, we operate by a set of professional guidelines set up by Aun and Su-Lyn and that all of our contributors agree to adhere to.

We encourage Public Relations and Marketing professionals to read through these to understand what we are happy to agree to; what we flat out refuse to do; what we’re happy to discuss; and where we draw the line.

We hope that readers appreciate these efforts and understand what we are trying to achieve. We also encourage fellow bloggers to consider the guidelines we have set forth and to think about instituting similar guidelines for their own media products. A blog should operate at the same high standards that any other media property operates. To do anything less only hurts one’s own credibility and integrity.

Paid Reviews
We are committed to covering only the things that we are truly passionate about. We will never accept any kind of cash payment to feature a restaurant or hotel that we cannot honestly recommend to readers.

Product/Cookbook Reviews
Products or cookbooks may be sent to us from time to time to test. Please feel free to write to us if you want us to test out a product or book. But please note that we will only feature a product or cookbook if the assigned writer, after either testing the specific product or testing recipes from that book, feels it is worthy of recommendation to our readers.

Media Invitations to Restaurants
We do not accept invitations from marketeers to attend hosted/free media tastings. Marketeers are welcome to send us press kits but please refrain from inviting us for free meals. We will choose the restaurants we want to try. We will pay for our own meals and if we like a restaurant, we will be happy to write about it. From time to time, we may be invited to try places by chefs or restaurateurs that our writers are friends with or are close to. If we do accept these invitations, we will disclose this information to our readers.

Media Familiarizations/Overseas Trips
We are open to working with marketeers to cover food and wine festivals, hotels/resorts, and interesting destinations around the world. We will not accept any kind of cash payment for these stories, but will accept sponsored travel and accommodations. We will also disclose this information in our posts. What is written about in the stories derived from these trips is up to Chubby Hubby alone. We will not write about specific places/things/restaurants/etc if we do not feel we can honestly recommend them to our readers.