Picture of the Day

It’s been a slow couple of days. My wife is down with a nasty bout of food poisoning so we haven’t been cooking anything exciting nor going out to eat. In fact, we’re missing out […]

Recent Book Buys

When friends visit my apartment for the first time, they’re often surprised by the number of cookbooks and food books my wife and I own. One whole wall of our living room is devoted to […]

A Great Tea Shop

On my last trip to Paris, walking from one appointment to another, I passed by a gorgeous little tea store. Unable to stop then, I went back later that evening to check out the store […]

Ahodori’s Website

In reference to my previous post, I’ve discovered that Ahodori has a website, linked to its name here. Check it out. The English site is small, but the Japanese site is pretty extensive with a […]

Great Yakitori in Singapore

Last night, at the recommendation of a restaurateur friend, my wife and I tried what he has called, “the best yakitori restaurant in Singapore.” Ahodori is a very small, slightly dark, but charming restaurant on […]

A Holiday Dinner

This past weekend, my wife and I had some friends over for dinner. Weekend dinner parties are always an excuse for us to show off a bit. We both really enjoy taking the time to […]

Singapore Picks, Part One

People are always asking my wife or me where they should go eat. Whether it’s for a family meal, a special occasion, or just a quick bite, we get queries by phone, email and SMS […]

My Favourite Pasta Dish

In my last post, I mentioned Buon Ricordo in Sydney. For those who have been, you’ll know what I am getting to. For those that have not, boy, do you have a treat in store […]

A Great Restaurant that Closed Down

Ever had a favourite restaurant that, despite serving consistently great food, couldn’t survive? In 2001, my wife and I tried a new restaurant in Sydney called Restaurant VII. We were very excited to go—the two […]

Making Pasta

A couple weeks ago, I tried making a batch of homemade ravioli. I used a DK Pasta book (I know, I know, that already should have been an indication of sure failure) for the dough […]