Delicious Nasi Padang

This is a real short post. My colleagues and I just had a wonderful lunch at Mayang Sari Nasi Padang, at 54 Zion Road. Zion Road is famous for Nasi Padang (originally from Sumatra, this […]

Totally Shameless Self-Promotion

Okay, I feel a tad guilty and shameless in fashioning this post, but I figure since I’m not exactly just promoting myself, then it’s not so bad. A few months back, I helped write the […]


I’ve realized that while I’ve subtitled this blog “Musings on Food, Wine, and Marriage”, I really haven’t done any real musing. So, here’s something I’ve been mulling over. A little while ago, I was thinking […]

Curry Katsu

I’ve always loved really unhealthy meals. And while my lovely wife grumbles occasionally that the way I eat (and cook) is going to kill me quickly, she does entertain my vices. Case in point: she’s […]

My Favourite Ham and Cheese Sandwich

I mentioned in my last post that my last couple of trips to Italy have been to Venice. While that’s true, unfortunately, those trips have been work trips. So, instead of enjoying what many consider […]

Cooking With Truffles

The first time I ever ate a truffle was when I was eight years old. My family had been invited to attend a friend’s annual Christmas party. Among the many canapes being passed around on […]

Intros and tooting one’s own horn

As a first post, I figure some kind of introduction is standard. Suffice it to say, as can be seen from the title of this little on-line rant, that I’m married and a foodie. Actually […]