Partnerships & Advertising

Chubby Hubby is a fantastic way to reach people interested in food, travel, wine and the finer things in life. With a readership larger than many magazines and even some newspapers, we are also one of the most cost-effective ways of reaching an audience already open to knowing more about food, travel and other areas of lifestyle.

Chubby Hubby is a Singapore-based food, travel and lifestyle blog that features the work of several contributors. For a full list of our authors, please go here. Blog posts fall into one of several categories. Our editorial categories are Recipes, Restaurants, Kids, Travel, Drink, Style, and Trends. We also have a section titled Food Porn, which will feature mouth-watering images on a regular basis.

At its peak, Chubby Hubby was visited by over 90,000 unique visitors monthly, and was earning close to 3 million hits. Our top 4 audience pools are, in order, the United States, Singapore, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

Promoting your brand on this site is a good way to reach a large, intelligent and interested global audience. We are more than happy to discuss different ways of working with you to promote your brand or your products on, with or through Chubby Hubby. This could be through any number of channels, including endorsements, advertisements, promotions, sponsorship opportunities, or even events.

For more information and/or to discuss opportunities, please email Aun, the site’s founder.

It’s been heartening to receive testimonials from present and past advertisers telling us that not only have their campaigns on this site been successful, but they have also been more successful than more expensive campaigns with printed publications in the region. Chubby Hubby is, quite simply, a proven cost effective and effective way to reach “quality customers”.