Chocolate Mayonnaise Cake

This is the sort of madly moist, easy-to-make chocolate cake recipe that gets passed down generations. I first discovered it when I made this elaborate multi-component dessert aeons ago. I was blown away by the chocolate cake’s flavour and texture. It reminded me so much of the simple, yet deeply satisfying chocolate cakes of my childhood—the sort you associate with kids’ birthdays as well as after school treats selected from the supermarket freezer section. I found myself scarfing down the cake trimmings when no one was watching.

This easy chocolate cake recipe is unsophisticated for all the right reasons. While I rarely found the opportunity to make it, it was a recipe that firmly wedged itself into the filing cabinet at the back of my mind. The original cake recipe was a little vague in certain respects. So, as I returned to it now and then, every couple of years or so, I’d tweak and refine it with notes scribbled in the margins.

I’ve finally gotten around to writing it all down, inserting my preferred ingredient quantities and steps. This is the chocolate cake equivalent to the little black dress. It serves well in a multi-layered cake destined for decoration. It would also perform well in a cupcake format injected with salted caramel or topped with chocolate-peanut butter ganache. But it’s equally moreish baked into bite-sized snacks for constantly ravenous children.

This is is the sort of moist chocolate cake I’d stash away in the freezer in case of last-minute dessert emergencies.

Perfectly sized for little hands, these chocolate mayo cakes are perfect snack box stuffers.



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