Family Food: Whole Wheat Sugar Cookies

Healthy Cut Out Cookie

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I am slightly obsessed with cramming as much whole grain as I can into my toddler, T’s diet and have been hunting for a tasty whole wheat cookie recipe for ages. The few I’d tested out sadly tasted like caked sawdust. So, I was thrilled when both T and CH gave this one the thumbs up. I love that the dough works beautifully when it is cut out (T really appreciates interesting shapes). It’s also deliciously tasty and just sweet enough to satisfy CH’s sweet tooth. To top it all off, it’s a 100 per cent whole wheat sugar cookie!

Many whole wheat cookie recipes, like the one that I based my recipe on, use a combination of refined white and whole wheat flours. That just isn’t enough whole wheat for me. So, I decided to try a combination of whole wheat pastry flour made of soft white wheat (from Bob’s Red Mill) and regular whole wheat flour made of hard red wheat. This combination creates a cookie that is full of wholegrain goodness, flavour and holds its shape, but still remains tender enough to crumble delightfully in the mouth. T gobbles these up so enthusiastically that I have to ration them. For an everyday treat, I’d serve these whole wheat sugar cookies unadorned. But they’d be a gorgeous canvas for decorated cookies, too!

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