Sticky date pudding

sticky date pudding

When I’m skimming through a dessert menu contemplating what to have, the words that make me stop browsing and come to an immediate decision are “sticky date pudding”. I see those three magic words and I’m done. I close the menu, order and impatiently wait to indulge in my dessert. It doesn’t help that my hubby is similarly, a sticky date pudding fanatic. This basically means we have plowed through a significant number of sticky puds together, and unfortunately, only a third of them were stellar, some were stodgy and hardly any good and  startlingly, many fell downright flat. Recently, I stumbled upon a sticky date pudding recipe on Nigella’s site, and registered that it’s actually a really easy dessert to make! I tucked that thought at the back of my head, and a few days later, found a bag of dates in the pantry. You can all guess what happened next.

With a food processor, you can get these babies ready for the oven in barely any time at all. I used a muffin tin to make individual servings so the baking time is shortened, and also for the purposes of presentation and portion-control. I love how the aromatic flavour of the dates shine through in this recipe, and because I only added a modest amount of sugar, the puddings are not tooth-achingly sweet. Although vanilla ice-cream and caramel sauce are the traditional accompaniments to a sticky date pudding, I find that with this combination, the dessert ends up being altogether too heavy, and not to mention, too sinful. At home, I very much prefer having some double cream swirled over, and simply adorned with a few fresh strawberries. That, plus an espresso in hand, is my ultimate sticky, gooey treat, anytime of the day.

sticky date pudding

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