The (Unpaid) Product Endorsement: Comme Homme’s marble plates


Regular followers of my wife’s Instagram feed would note that she, much more than I, has a specific style of shooting and styling food. The images are consistent and, in some odd way, both drool-inducing and soothing. Her favourite surface to shoot on is definitely marble. We have a small marble table (a house-warming gift from some restaurateur buddies) parked in our kitchen, next to floor to ceiling height windows. The table, and accompanying chairs, used to sit on a small terrace off our master bedroom. But, over time, the chairs deteriorated and we also realised it was just too hot to sit out there. So, the table was moved to the kitchen, where it has since become a vital prop for our cataloging our (food) lives.

Given this love of marble in images, Su-Lyn was immediately hooked when Comme Home was launched last year. Not only did this new Singaporean lifestyle brand’s marble plates, platters and household goods appeal to her affinity to the material from which they are crafted, their minimalist elegance also resonated with her own sense of style. She immediately ordered several pieces, in different sizes.

I also love the pieces. I don’t use them as frequently in my own pictures as Su-Lyn does. The way I shoot food tends to be a little less, well, refined and elegant. But I love looking at them in real life; love holding them; and love actually using them to display things or on which to serve things to guests.

While there seems to be an ever-growing roster of new local lifestyle brands, many of which are producing flashy, or kitschy, or colourful homewares (all of which deserve our support), I tend to favour Comme Home’s restraint and mature products. They are timeless and classic, yet utterly hip. Perfect presents for oneself (because we all need to remember to pamper ourselves from time to time) and for loved ones.

Comme Home can be found at these stockists or ordered from their website.

And… as the title said, this is a completely unsolicited post. The folks behind the brand have no idea I’m posting this. I just simply love the brand enough to want to give them a very public pat on the back. 🙂

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