My Favourite Ham and Cheese Sandwich

I mentioned in my last post that my last couple of trips to Italy have been to Venice. While that’s true, unfortunately, those trips have been work trips. So, instead of enjoying what many consider the world’s most romantic city with my wife, I usually end up there with colleagues. The last time I took my wife to Venice, in fact, was in 2000–when I proposed to her. Hopefully, when I go back in June, on another work trip, she’ll find some time to come with me (that is, so long as her doctoral thesis is completed or close to completion).

This is, I should also say, a pretty random post. But I was looking at this (pretty godawful) picture I took (on my Treo 600) and decided to share what I am sure many will feel is an unjustified or even incorrect opinion. I think the best ham and cheese sandwiches in the world are the fried ones sold at Harry’s Bar in Venice.

I’m well aware that the restaurant has its detractors. People call it overpriced, over-rated and a lot of other unpublishable names. I, on the other hand, have always loved the place. Maybe my love of its history has clouded my taste buds, but I have always had great meals there (and also at its sister restaurants in NYC and Hong Kong).

The ham in these sandwiches is Parma. The cheese is emmental mixed with egg yolk, cayenne pepper, and worcestershire sauce. The whole sandwich is fried in olive oil and served hot at your table. These sandwiches are also one of the cheapest things available at the bar. At only E4, they cost 1/3rd of a Bellini (the other reason to go to Harry’s Bar).

If you can’t get all the way to Venice (or any other city where there’s a Cipriani), grab a copy of the Harry’s Bar Cookbook. The recipe for these sandwiches is inside and they’re a breeze to make.

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