Recipe: Roasted bone marrow over porcini risotto


Back in November last year, I wrote about a dinner I hosted to celebrate the wedding anniversary and birthdays of my brother and his wife (yup, all 3 on the same day). The menu was one I was particularly proud of: uni encased in tomato jelly; slow cooked prawns with scrambled egg and crab roe; foie gras with roasted figs and bocconcini; roasted bone marrow over porcini risotto; charsiu pork medallions with roasted brussel sprouts, spaetzle and pomegranate seeds; Japanese short rib curry; and matcha tiramisu. When I first wrote about the meal, and shared the recipe for the uni jelly, I promised to share some of the other recipes too. Unfortunately, things got in the way and I’m only now fulfilling part of that promise.

Aside from the uni dish, the dish that several of our guests declared as one of the best and most decadent things they have ever eaten was the roasted bone marrow served over porcini risotto. And yes, if you care about your health, you will stay far, far away from this dish.

As implied, this dish is disgustingly rich but also amazingly tasty. Because risotto is already loose and wet, the addition of roasted marrow simply makes the whole thing a little greasier in a deliciously sensual kind of way. It’s also a pretty simple dish to execute, so even beginner cooks should have no excuse not to try this for friends or family.

Cooking bone marrow is actually really easy. Seriously. It’s as simple as preheating an oven; throwing the bones inside; and setting a timer for 20 minutes. That’s it. So, no excuses, yah? Sure, there are more complex ways to cook bone marrow, like this one that I admit I’ve been making recently, but the basic recipe is really a breeze, and pretty damned fool-proof.

Making risotto is actually a little more tedious. Not more difficult, just time-consuming. But it’s something that I personally love to make, love to serve, and love to eat.

Anyway, here’s the recipe. Give it a shot if you, like me, don’t wanna live forever.

As a final note to this post, here’s a sneak peek at the green tea tiramisu we served that night.


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