Month: August 2010

Get thee to Sri Lanka

String hoppers served with a variety of curries. A wonderful way to start the day in Sri Lanka.

Last weekend, S and I had the pleasure of visiting Sri Lanka for the very first time. It was a short trip, but one in which we tried to pack in as much activity (and eating) as possible. Our primary reason for flying over was to attend a friend’s wedding. We have, though, ever since the country had become more stable, been meaning to see it firsthand. So it was a trip we were eager to make.

Clockwise from top left: S enjoying a young coconut at a lovely lakeside restaurant called Diya Sisila where we also had marvelously fresh prawns fried in garlic and a huge platter of crabs seasoned with just a hint of curry; S on the way to a festive lunch that was held by the groom’s parents at Lunuganga, Geoffrey Bawa’s former country estate; one of the entrances at Lunuganga; rich, spicy and succulent prawn curry.