Month: July 2009

Spam fries

One of my guilty pleasures is luncheon meat. As a child, my mother would sometimes serve me Spam sandwiches as an after-school snack. Just fried slices of Spam in between two slices of white bread. In the army, fried slices of luncheon meat were a frequent and not unwelcome option, served with rice, with noodles, and well, with just about whatever they were dishing out each day. I was thrilled to discover, after moving into a new office, that a coffee shop around the corner offers luncheon meat sandwiches as a breakfast option. But the best incarnation of luncheon meat that I have ever come across, and I’m damn upset I’ve only discovered this recently, is Spam fries.

Yup, luncheon meat chopped up into long skinny fries, fried until they’re crispy on the outside, and served with one or more dips. Disgustingly, sinfully, ridicously good. I had these with some friends one night over drinks at Wild Oats, the bar owned and run by Willin Low, and I just about fell off my chair. Within minutes of them being served–Willin serves his with a Kaffir Mayo–all conversation came to halt. When it finally started again, all we could talk about were these amazing fries, about how great they were, how unhealthy they were, how they revived childhood memories, how we really shouldn’t eat more than a just a couple, but damn, weren’t they just addictive.

Best (spiked) French Toast

A while back, I had written about one of the very best breakfast dishes a bloke can cook for a lovely lady the “morning after”. Of course, one of the problems with the dish I had recommended–sweet corn fritters with roast tomato and bacon–is that it requires you to have corn, fresh tomatoes, and a number of other ingredients at hand. Which isn’t always the case.

I, for one, love making breakfast for my wife. Part of the reason that I’m the one most often preparing our morning meal is that I’m a morning person, and S is definitely not. If it were up to her (especially on weekends), she’d stay tucked under her covers under lunch time. One of the few ways I can coax her out of the bedroom is by whipping up something that smells too good to miss.

One of the best and quickest things to make in the morning is French toast. It’s also one of my favourite things to eat. And, as compared to the corn fritters, requires very few ingredients. In fact, all of the required ingredients are, I would consider, kitchen/pantry essentials. So you’d have no excuse not to be able to throw this together for that (new) special someone.