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A link to J’s amazing cakes and cookies

In my non-blogging life, my wife and I manage various media-related and lifestyle projects (ranging from, but not limited to, putting together editorial products to public relations, events, corporate retreats, and restaurant consultancy). One of […]

Kitchen samurai

Maybe it’s a guy thing, but I really like knives. When I was younger, I bought a lot of silly knives, like f cialis soft without a prescription olding blades and boot daggers. These days, […]

Vienna Guide

Apple Strudel S and I had a wonderful time in Vienna. We ate, shopped, drank copious amounts of coffee (einspanners, melanges, kleiners, you name it), ate multiple varieties of cake, and drank fantastic local wine […]

IFFA Homemade Soy Sauce

2nd Annual Independent Food Festival Awards: Best Hand Crafted Virgin Soy Sauce in Southeast Asia Many thanks to Hillel from Taste Everything for once again organizing the Annual Independent Food Festival Awards. This unique web-based […]

2005 Food Blog Awards and wearable food

I don’t have any food to rave about this post, but I do have three cool things to write about. The first is that Chubby Hubby is a finalist in 2 categories, Best New Blog […]

Gingerbread tidings

MERRY CHRISTMAS! Building from my last post, here’s a bunch of gingerbread cookies that S had whipped up, but which I secretly–in the wee hours of the night/morning–adorned. I figured instead of the usual outlines […]

12 days of Christmas…

While I know that a number of magazines and other fabulous food bloggers have already printed and posted their own holiday gift guides, I thought I’d share my own ideas for what you could buy […]

A love of great plates

My darling wife S and I are both devoted design fans. It’s one of the things that we bonded over very early on in our relationship. The fantastic thing is that we also have amazingly […]