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Osaka (part 1 of 2)

A few weeks ago, S and I made our very first trip to Osaka, Japan. While I’d been to Japan previously and had explored quite a fair bit of the country, I had never been […]

Scattered rice for a very tired wife

My darling wife S is currently in the final lap of trying to complete her doctoral thesis. She’s been working on it, an examination of the rise and reach of the celebrity chef, for the […]

Simple minced pork noodles

Two things that I love to eat are pork and noodles. Which means I’m always happy to find a dish that deliciously combines these two great ingredients. Some dishes, like Justin Quek’s gorgeous sounding tagliatelle […]

Deconstructed California roll

Whenever my darling wife S brings home live Sri Lankan crabs from the market, I get excited. I love the flavors and textures of freshly cooked crab. S also has a phenomenal, continuously expanding repertoire […]

Do try this at home

I really enjoy miso cod. I love the taste and the texture. I’d even go so far as to say that it’s one of my favorite dishes. Despite my preference for it though, it’s one […]

Pork bone soup ramen

I have to admit that I really only became a real ramen fan after watching Tampopo, one of the best and funniest food movies ever made. For those few of you who haven’t seen this […]

Mentaiko-Tobiko Pasta, IMBB #16

This month’s Is My Blog Burning? is being hosted by Seattle Bon Vivant. She’s chosen eggs as the theme for this month’s challenge. I decided to make one of my favourite (unhealthy) dishes, mentaiko pasta, […]

My wife’s dumplings

I love dumplings. My all-time favourite would have to be xiao long bao, the Shanghainese steamed, soupy pork dumplings that explode with warm broth when bitten into. Gyoza, the pan-fried Japanese dumplings, come in second. […]

Kurobuta Pork Ramen

Being Chinese, I love pork (well, there’s a sweeping generalization). So, when my wife and I spied some Kurobuta pork belly slices at our local Japanese supermarket, we knew we had to buy some. For […]

Ahodori’s Website

In reference to my previous post, I’ve discovered that Ahodori has a website, linked to its name here. Check it out. The English site is small, but the Japanese site is pretty extensive with a […]