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Tag: Pantry basics

3-in-1 Steamed Custard: Toddler food, comfort food and dinner party headliner

Over the years, I’ve simplified my culinary style. Back when I worked from home and had no children, it was possible to indulge in convoluted recipes that took days on end to execute and required traipsing across town to acquire…

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Sous-Vide your pork belly for the perfect texture


Weekdays can be tough for us amateur cooks. As much as we’d like to spend the day prepping something fresh and wonderful to serve one’s family for dinner, the reality is our jobs kind of get in the way. That’s why I do a lot of cooking on weekends, making things that I know won’t lose any flavour or freshness when frozen and defrosted several days later. One of the best methods for cooking this way is sous-vide.