As mentioned, I made it to Harry’s Bar last night. It was, as it always is, packed and buzzing with life. Our table was upstairs, tucked in a corner near the staircase. Definitely not one of the better tables available, but beggars can’t be choosers. Then again, the moment that first Bellini was placed in front of me, I didn’t really care where I was sitting.

The food was delicious. And outrageously expensive. Surprisingly, the wine list was really quite affordable, with most bottles priced lower than any main course. I had a tuna tartare to start followed by one of my all time fave Cipriani dishes, baked tagliolini with ham. I have to admit that I was enjoying my food and wine so much that I completely forgot to take any photos until mid-way through my pasta—which by that point would not have made a pretty picture.

I did remember to take a picture of my dessert though. I had the lemon meringue pie, also one of my faves. Everyone else in my group had the chocolate cake, easily one of the best and most famous chocolate cakes in the world. It was this cake, in fact, that helped me convince a darling WASPish young lady, some 11 years ago, that one should live to eat, and not eat to live. All in all, it was a wonderful, decadent and bloody expensive night, as they always are at Harry’s Bar.

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8 June 2005


The Bellini at Harry’s Bar is DA BEST I’ve ever had in my life! I’ve tried countless other crappy versions of it but the original one at Harry’s is absolutely divine! Husband and I kep wondering what they put in that peach nectar concoction! 3 full days at Venice and I had 1 each day for myself! This despite the hefty E15 for each glass. But I found that it only cost E11 each at the branch just across the water on the island of Giudecca. And it comes with a lovely water view too! Certainly a must do in Venice!

I used to love the Bellini at Harry's Bar but it has all changed since 2007. The Bar is nothing but a tourist trap and bellini "sucks" if you have tasted the original one. It is no Eur15 and everyone is but a tourist. I was just there in Oct 2009 and disappointed… Needless to say, I invited friends to come along who were also just as disappointed.

Cipriani's has commercialised it so much that you can now get the Bellini premix at Cipriani's Dolci and Venice Airport.

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