I’ve realized that while I’ve subtitled this blog “Musings on Food, Wine, and Marriage”, I really haven’t done any real musing. So, here’s something I’ve been mulling over. A little while ago, I was thinking about getting some really nice name cards made for my wife. I discovered, in Venice, this amazing small but super cool stationary shop named Gianni Basso–which is also the name of the guy who owns it. Some celebs like Susan Sontag and Hugh Grant got/get their calling cards here. Actually, to call Gianni Basso a stationary shop is a disservice. This wacky artisan, who refuses to take orders over the phone, fax or via email, handprints cards and paper on old Gutenberg presses using hand-mixed paints. The cards from this shop are, essentially, unique and truly stunning… and also pretty durned expensive.

Anyway, as a present for finishing her PHD, I figured I’d get my wife a set, with her new title (“Dr”) and profession printed on the cards. However, I was stumped by what to call her. I’ve already said that her PHD is on how mass media has changed or influenced eating trends in urban centres (with a focus on celebrity chefs). I felt that the old title of “food writer” wouldn’t cut it any more. In that case, what do I call her? Food Historian? She’s not really a historian. Food Sociologist? Maybe, but what a mouthful. What about new descriptors like Foodologist or Gastronomer? I quite like Foodologist, but will people think that’s simply another way to say Glutton?

Gianno Basso, in case you get to Venice, is at Cannaregio, F. Nove, Calle del Fumo, 5306.

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